With Politicians Like These, Who Needs the Joker?

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Bosch Fawstin, It’s not the virus, but politicians, who’ve devastated the world.

I was thinking about criminals like New York’s Cuomo and California’s Newsom, and how they now feel that they can do whatever the hell they want, to be as irrational as they want, and do what they forbid others to do, and that led me to think about super villains in comic books, and how they threaten to shut down cities, to everyone’s fear, and I drew up this cartoon.

Even the mad Joker thinks that these politicians are crazy, as shutting down cities is his thing. These politicians of ours are now in the habit of doing whatever they want, no matter how destructive it is to Americans.

And I haven’t forgotten the leftists in politics and media who always fear-monger over impending government shutdowns, with sob stories about how government workers would suffer, which was a Complete Lie, as only about 17% of government is shutdown during government “shutdowns”, and most government workers are paid during them.

It further damns the politicians and media who are all for private sector shutdowns, even though the consequences are devastating for business owners, as thousands of businesses have been pummeled out of existence over unnecessary shutdowns.

If Walmart and other large stores can remain open through a pandemic, with many people coming in and out, then NO smaller business, with less people, should have ever been shut down.

At this point, I think many angry Americans are good and ready for a truly necessary shutdown that we can all get behind, and that’s a massive government shutdown.


Texas Joins Florida in Telling CDC To Take its Racist Vaccine Guidelines and Shove Them

Daniel Greenfield,

You can easily spot the difference between GOP and conservative governors by looking at their governance. There are a lot of GOP governors, few conservative ones.

The easy tell is that GOP governors will listen to the CDC when its leftist activists demand that the elderly be deprioritized for the pandemic vaccine because they’re too white, while pushing ‘essential workers’, a list that includes pretty much everyone, to the head of the line because even though they’re younger, they’re minorities.

As Yascha Mounk pointed out, “to prioritize a 23-year-old Latino Uber driver who is very likely to weather infection with Covid over an 80-year-old white retiree who is likely to die from it because the former is part of a group that includes marginally more brown people and the latter is part of a group that includes marginally more white people is to inscribe racial discrimination at the heart of American public policy in an astonishing manner.”

Also it would end up killing more black people in the name of Black Lives Matter. But what BLM project doesn’t?

“It gets even more shocking. The difference in the percentage of white people across age groups is comparatively small. The difference in the percentage of infected people who succumb to Covid across all age groups is massive. Giving the vaccine to African-American essential workers before elderly African-Americans would likely raise the overall death toll of African-Americans even if a somewhat greater number of African-Americans were to receive the vaccine as a result. In other words, the CDC was effectively about to recommend that a greater number of African-Americans die so that the share of African-Americans who receive the vaccine is slightly higher.”

What do you get when you combine the best of critical race theory, the NHS, and Stalinism? Apparently you get the CDC.

Of course, governors can tell the CDC to go to hell. (So could administrations.) But very few are willing to go ahead and do it. And that’s what divides conservatives from the GOP.

Governor DeSantis in Florida led the way.

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday announced another 300,000 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Florida on Tuesday. He also expects more of Pfizer’s vaccine to arrive.

Who will get the next round? People age 70 and up.

Florida has a large older population and we know they’re more vulnerable to the virus, but DeSantis’ decision goes against the recommendation made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advisory panel.

“The problem with that is, the way I see it, is a 22-year-old food service worker would get a vaccine over a 74-year-old grandmother,” the governor said.

Now it’s on to Texas.

People 65 years and older, and those with certain medical conditions will be able to get the Covid-19 vaccine sooner in Texas than the federal government is recommending.

Most states followed the CDC’s outline for the so-called phase 1a group, but some are deviating a bit from the agency’s advice for the phase 1b group, which the agency outlined Sunday to include everyone over 74 years old as well as front-line essential workers like agricultural workers, police and teachers.

“The focus on people who are age 65 and older or who have comorbidities will protect the most vulnerable populations,” said Imelda Garcia, chair of Texas’ expert vaccine allocation panel and associate commissioner for laboratory and infectious disease services at the Texas Department of State Health Services. “This approach ensures that Texans at the most severe risk from Covid-19 can be protected across races and ethnicities and regardless of where they work.”

Which GOP governor will join Florida and Texas in telling the CDC where it can shove its racial eugenics?

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