Will We #IMPEACH46 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

Here is the Democrat’s plan IMPEACH46. First, get Joe Biden elected president. Next, impeach Joe Biden for his involvement in his son’s corrupt dealings with the Ukrainians and the Chinese government. Finally, shove Kamala Harris out of the way and install a puppet president.
It’s brilliant, actually.


Democrats have to save Joe Biden from himself so he can be elected president. Just a few short weeks ago that looked like a sure thing.

Why else would they quarantine Joe Biden in his own basement until the election is over? They’re afraid of what else he may say “off the cuff.” Biden has put his foot in his mouth so many times he’s become the brunt of almost daily mockery.

But Biden has been forced to go back out the campaign trail. It’s a risky proposition. Trump is holding multiple rallies every day, which makes Biden appear weak and more feeble than before.

Everyone knows Joe Biden has severe cognitive issues. At minimum he has dementia. He might even have Alzheimer’s. Democrats have to protect him until November 3rd.


After Biden is elected, Nancy Pelosi will start impeachment hearings in the House. Remember, they talked about impeaching Trump even before his inauguration. They’ll do the same to Biden.

Why else would the Democrats work so hard to cover up the incriminating information on Hunter Biden’s laptop? Democrats want to save that until after the election, and then use it to impeach Biden for his role in the corruption schemes with his son.

Of all the Democrat presidential contenders, Biden seems to be the worst possible choice. Joe is almost the oldest (Bernie is two years older). He has been in politics the longest (47 years). And he has the most baggage (his son Hunter).

Former Vice President Joe Biden is clearly incapable of running the country. He can’t even read the words off a large-print teleprompter. Or remember the name our current president!

If they don’t impeach Biden, they will at least invoke the 25th Amendment. This allows the Vice President to become President if the President dies, resigns, or is removed from office. Kamal Harris would move up to the presidency.


Kamal Harris is from the same city as Nancy Pelosi – San Francisco. Pelosi has so many crooked friends there that Harris will succumb to the pressure. She will either be forced to resign or also impeached on some trumped up charges (pardon the pun).

Based on the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House is next in line to become president. Nancy doesn’t actually want the job. She would lose too much power.

As temporary president (based on the 25th Amendment), Pelosi would be in a position to name who she wanted to become president. Imagine for just a moment who she could name to that position. Did that just send chills down your spine?

Democrats are so intent on steering America into Socialism and Big Government that they can’t afford to let Biden jeopardize their scheme. They need to keep him in hiding and away from a microphone if he has any chance of being elected. After that Biden will be impeached.

Then Nancy Pelosi, not the American people, will choose the next president of the United States. That person will be Nancy’s puppet.

It’s brilliant, actually.

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