Will the US Military put Trump back in power, or will China or Russia have to do it for them

Very Strange. I am looking into more proof of Chinese/Russian partnership in military matters, that could be used against the US. This is all very confusing and difficult to figure out. I seriously question the logic of a foreign power fighting our military as a way to remove Biden. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Right now the democrats are playing politics with their new found power, but they have not made huge moves against the people or the constitution where our liberties and freedoms would be threatened. It could happen, but so far it hasn’t happened. The question is, will it ever happen?

Has the gauntlet already been thrown down to the liberals and Biden: “You go over this line and we remove you. We’ll let you stay in power until your term is over without making socialist laws, or else we remove you forcefully and press charges of treason.”
Or, are the liberals treading lightly and building up to a complete and total takeover with full communism?

In my opinion the motivations towards the US from Russia and China are two different things. China is concerned they are going to be blamed for the global pandemic, and the US will go to war with them because of the attack. They are also concerned about an internal revolution.

Russia has a totally different motivation, which is they are fighting for their lives and independence in view of the European globalists wanting their natural resources and vast land for expansion. They are concerned that the EU and NATO will persuade the US to go to war with Russia and destroy them with nukes.

I find it difficult to grasp that China and Russia would join forces against the US.

However, I can’t rule it out.

They both know they don’t have a chance against the US if they fought them alone. But together it would give them a better chance to win. But at this time it all seems like political posturing and game playing rather than anything serious.

With a weak president like Biden, any military confrontation should see Biden backing down. Perhaps what Russia is after is to force Biden’s hand so the US military will depose Biden and take control of the US and bring stability back to the world.

IMO a rational and mature leadership in the military, would not want wars to break out that didn’t make sense and were ill advised. Forcing the hand of Biden may cause the US military to come to the aid of the US power system and prevent a world war three scenario, but it is a huge gamble and very risky.

There are other issues involved as well, meaning, Biden may actually want to promote a war somewhere to help generate money for the military industrial complex. A war in the middle east may be what Biden wants.

With the Biden family being so cozy with the Chinese, it is difficult to imagine him going to war with them now. But anything is possible in this mixed up world.

China and the US are making dangerous moves around Taiwan which appears to precede a war breaking out. There is also the possibility of war in Crimea and Ukraine. So far a war has been averted, but both sides have huge numbers of troops and equipment lined up ready for a major war. That in itself could spark world war three.
Russia feels obligated to defend their 300 year navy base in Crimea. But the pressure from the globalists to expand into Ukraine is at a fever pitch. If Russia allowed that to happen they feel it would be the beginning of the end for their nation.
And judging by what the globalists say, and have already done, Russia would be right.

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All we can do at this time is sit and watch what might happen. But one thing is certain we have never lived in a time where so many military outbreaks could happen, along with a wide variety of economic collapses, possible terrorism and internal unrest. These are interesting times indeed.

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