Why Candace Owens Wants To ‘Say Their Names!’

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Kevin McCullough, Raise your hand if you’re fed up with people on social media posting stories on Instagram or tweets on Twitter that seem to immediately virtue signal the moment news of another shooting occurs.

Me too!

Especially when the level of information about the alleged victim is thoroughly unknown—minus some baby picture—the media mysteriously has its hands on usually within what seems like only seconds after the incident.

The unspoken assumption in it all is that these woke—usually white suburban females—who literally know next to nothing about the difficulty of police work in troubled neighborhoods—are trying to “out-care” the “hardened” hearts of everyone who hasn’t posted something about said incident.

I was thumbing through social media, contemplating that very phenomenon when all of a sudden Candace Owens smacked me upside the head with the baseball bat known as reality.

A simple social media post, written as less of a statement, and more as practicality. As a journalist with her new show on The Daily Wire, she’s busy trying to fill the blank page each day with a compelling narrative.

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Not to be completely unexpected she’s looking for the untold stories, or the very “well known” story told from a completely opposite angle. This is great storytelling 101. It’s also what journalism used to consist of genuine intellectual curiosity.

But the words said so much more:

“Wish I could score an interview with the woman George Floyd robbed at gunpoint, or the one Jacob Blake digitally raped, or the one Duante Wright physically assaulted and robbed, or the one Ma’Khia Bryant tried to butcher… 

Anyone got a contact?”

Wouldn’t you be genuinely interested in hearing the true-life account of these four persons?

Shouldn’t we all?

Without even trying to Owens throws down the gauntlet on conscience in a way that literally no one has to date.

You know it’s true.

You know it’s true because you don’t know the name of even one of these persons. The press has been so negligent in their duties that Owens herself is having difficulty finding them in the annals of nexus-lexus, the associated press, and Google.

The rest of the universe has been too busy trying to blame officers for a non-existent surge in police violence that no one ever stopped to ask the questions of context, facts, and personal first-hand accounts of events that in at least three of the four instances—truly mattered.

We’ve come awfully close in recent days to labeling evil as good. Even if we don’t actively participate, far too few of us are willing to let suburban-woke-know-nothings pass unmitigated pronouncements on social media, and in the process slander, tear down, and desecrate those who wake up each morning—with no guarantee that they will return home that night—and put on the uniform to serve and protect.

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Isn’t it time to return to asking the truly most important questions? Isn’t it time to get to the truth?

Thank you Candace for the upper-cut to the far-too-complacent wake-up call.

I hope that you not only get your interviews but that journalists across the spectrum would be so inclined to think differently because you did.

Because clarity is preferable to unity!