Who Are the Real Fascists?

Mark Lewis, The Democrats have one main word in their dictionary to describe Donald Trump and people who support him: fascism.

It is endlessly repeated. They may even believe it. But do they even know what it is?

On a whim, I looked the word up in a dictionary, even though as a historian I have studied fascism for years. Here’s the definition Merriam-Webster gave me: “a political philosophy, movement, or regime…that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” Let us examine that definition in light of current American events. It is interesting and worthwhile to analyze which of the two political parties (and philosophies, liberalism or conservatism) exhibits more characteristics of fascism.

1. Fascism is a “political philosophy…that exalts nation…” Republicans/conservatives more obvious here. Of course, nationalism, which arose mainly in the 19th century, is not fascism. Fascism may be an extreme form of nationalism, but patriotism is not fascism. Republicans are nationalists, not fascists. Democrats are globalists, which is a communist ideology, and because they are globalists, they are American-haters, and they are pretty extreme and obvious about that.

2. “…and often race above the individual …” Which political party exalts race the most? Who is it that gives special privileges based on skin color? Who is it pushing “critical race theory” and the dangers of “white supremacy” without finding hardly a single example of it in the country? Which party most often bases its policies on racial identity and not individual merit?

3. “…and stands for centralized autocratic government.” Neither party (publicly) stands for “autocracy” (one-man rule), but which party is trying to centralize more control into the hands of the federal government and less in the hands of the states and people (can you say, “abortion”?)?

4. “…headed by a dictatorial leader…” Again, neither party has publicly called for a dictator. The Democrats probably want one, but they won’t say it out loud. But because they often charge Donald Trump with wanting to be a dictator, and one is often guilty of accusing others of the sins they secretly desire, the liberals would almost certainly be more willing to accept a dictator than Republicans. Just look north of the border, and at China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, etc. All are/were leftists. If Donald Trump is re-elected president and tries to become a dictator, I know a lot of conservatives who will stand in line to take him down.

5. “…severe economic and social regimentation…” Who just passed a law hiring 87,000 more IRS agents? Who is demanding that Americans give up their gas-powered automobiles and drive electric cars? Who has, by government fiat, virtually destroyed the fossil fuel industry, all in the name of a dogma that is demonstrably fallacious? Thus, which party/ideology is more economically fascist? Who is demanding that Americans accept homosexuality and transgenderism, even at the cost of mutilating children? Who wants the centralized government to control the aborting of babies with no input from the people? Which party is forcing its economic and social will on Americans now, and which party is more in line with the free market and individual responsibility and protection of property rights and human life?

Who took away the people’s right to arm and defend themselves, Adolf Hitler or George Washington?

6. “…and forcible suppression of opposition.” Uh, Mar-a-Lago anyone?

We often condemn in others the faults we see in ourselves. Liberals are far more “fascist” than conservatives (Mussolini started out as a Marxist, and Hitler’s National SOCIALIST German Worker’s Party had a heavy dose of leftism in it).

But in politics, it’s all about optics, who can shout the loudest, and who can control what institutions. Over the past few decades, by gradual degrees and while decent Americans slept, the liberal Fascisti took over government, the media, and the educational system, and, as a result, the culture, and while the rest of us are finally waking up, it may be too late to save the country. The liberal fascists are well entrenched and will be very difficult to root out.

They scream “fascist” at us for one reason: to cover up their own.

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand.  He has Master’s degree in history and has taught history and English in America, South Korea, and China.  His first book, Whitewater, a western novel, was recently published, and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Eliva.com.  

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