Who Are The Next Targets Of The Durham Probe?

The Durham probe has been shrouded in secrecy since it started.

Some predict that Durham is unraveling the giant Deep State conspiracy that leads all the way back to Hillary.

Others claim the Durham probe is nothing more than a Deep State cover-up.

We have finally gotten some indictments out of Durham.

The biggest one is of Igor Danchenko, a source of the dossier.

The Durham probe has also forced major news outlets to start correcting their phony dossier reporting.

The question is where is the Durham probe heading next?

Kash Patel, former Pentagon Chief of Staff, has some answers.

According to Patel, he sees Durham’s next targets as Peter Strzok, Liza Page, and Andrew McCabe.

Kash Patel, former Pentagon Chief of Staff, and former Senior Staff Advisor to the House Intelligence Committee, discusses the recent public developments within the John Durham investigation, and gives his opinion on possible targets who were operating inside government.

Patel holds the opinion that Joe Biden’s current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is a likely target. Patel also says he could see three former FBI officials as targets of the Durham probe: (1) former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe; (2) former FBI Special Agent in the Counterintelligence Division, Peter Strzok; and (3) former DOJ legal counsel to Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page.

Patel frames his opinion that Andrew McCabe would be targeted from the perspective that McCabe likely told FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to change the wording of an email in order to support the Carter Page FISA application renewal. Clinesmith plead guilty and was sentenced to six months probation; however, in the court filings and affidavits, Clinesmith said under oath he acted alone – so I’m not sure why Patel is confident about Andrew McCabe being at risk from Clinesmith.


No wonder the Deep State is losing its mind.

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