While Snow Falls on California, Pelosi Fights Global Warming in Spain

Daniel Greenfield,
The rain in Spain falls on Pelosi’s brain.
New Jersey is getting hammered with 12 inches of snow with 200 schools shut down. Upstate New York expects to be hit with 2 feet of snow. Most of Michigan may soon be snowed under. North Carolina has winter storm warnings in effect. As does Arizona. In Southern California, Disneyland had to close early to beat a winter storm, and even a fire in Santa Barbara was doused with Thanksgiving snow.

But California’s favorite daughter, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, jetted off to Spain to fight global warming.

It was easier for her delegation, which included Democrats from New Jersey, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan, to talk global warming in Madrid where temperatures hovered in the mild 50s. The rain in Spain fell lightly on the plains nearMadrid and mainly on the soggy swamps of Pelosi’s brain.

“By coming here we want to say to everyone we are still in, the United States is still in,” Speaker Pelosi told reporters.

‘In’ what was the question? The media assumed that Pelosi was talking about the Paris agreement. But President Trump had already announced that the United States is withdrawing. And Pelosi isn’t in the White House. Not unless something happens to both Trump and Pence. Pelosi wasn’t representing the United States at the Madrid climate conference. That was the job of Marcia Bernicat, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

Instead, Pelosi appeared to be representing the secessionist breakaway republic of California. 5 out of 15 members of the Democrat delegation setting up shop in Conference RoomChiloe were Californians.

While the media watched, Pelosi, who is two years older than Joe Biden, launched into a rambling anecdote about attending Earth Summit in 1992. “We had certain goals then,” she said.“Clearly, we have not met them. We will meet the goals of this COP25.” Soviet apparatchiks in the 90s promising that the next grain harvest would be 99% less radioactive have sounded more convincing than that.

The official name of the Madrid conference was COP 25 or the Conference of Parties Number 25. If the first 24 haven’t worked, number 25 is bound to be the magic charm. Or 26, 27, 28, or 28,000.

“Under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership and the united consensus of Democrats in the Congress, we will release a Climate Action Plan,” Rep. Castor boasted.

What could be more appropriate than the announcement of a doomed plan, that doesn’t even exist yet, at a completely pointless conference to fight global warming while America is snowed under. As long as Republicans sit in the House and Senate, no Pelosi plan to destroy our energy sector, and reduce seniors to dying in the heat without air conditioning, the way they do in France, or freezing to death without heat in the winter, as they do in the UK, will go anywhere except to be filed under “U” for Useless.

“What the Secretary General spoke about: a vision that we all share,” Pelosi closed her stumbling opening remarks. “Again, coming from the Congress of the United States: we’re still in.”

In what?

Pelosi was referring to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The UN boss had launched into a tirade, declaring, “Our war against nature must stop.” Then he insisted that countries needed the “political will” to “stop subsidies on fossil fuels”, to “stop building coal power plants”, “to shift taxation from income to carbon. Taxing pollution instead of people.”

The UN Secretary General is apparently unaware that people emit carbon. That makes people into sources of pollution. Shifting taxation from income to carbon, not only taxes people, it taxes those who can’t afford to pay. Growing food has a carbon footprint. So does driving to work. Or exhaling.

A carbon tax is a tax on life. Shifting from taxing income to taxing life itself is a nightmarish scenario.

And, Pelosi and her Democrat majority is “in” on taxing those Americans who insist on living.

Meanwhile in Conference Room Chiloe, the show had to go onwith Rep. Frank Pallone. Middlesex County in Pallone’s district was facing warnings of snow, and potential falling trees and power outages.

While Frank was in balmy Madrid fighting global warming, snow was falling on his district.

“I just want to stress what the Speaker Pelosi said is: that ‘we’re still in,’ and, she mentioned that Congress is committed to take action,” Rep. Pallone claimed. “We passed H.R. 9, which is the legislation in the House that says that we do not want to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and we still want to be in.”

The foreign media, which doesn’t know how the American system of government works (a failing it has in common with much of the American media), may have been impressed.Except that H.R. 9 or the Climate Action Now Act passed on a party line vote in the House, except for three “GOP” defectors, including Rep. Elise Stefanik. It’s bound for the same place as a lot of Pelosi’s other useless bills.

The House can’t pass a bill forcing America to stay in the destructive and unfair Paris agreement.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that, “This futile gesture to handcuff the U.S. economy through the ill-fated Paris deal will go nowhere here in the Senate.”

But what would COP 25 and the rest of the environmental traveling minstrel shows be without futile gestures?

Rep. Pallone claimed that the Secretary General “has a similar goal. He talked about the European Union meeting that goal of 2050, and using that example for the United States and other major countries.”

Using the European Union as a model for the United States would mean that we too could enjoy a growth rate of 1% and watch 14,000 seniors die of heatstroke because air conditioning is evil.

In the UK, 120,000 people died over 4 years during the winter due to the cold weather because global warming hysteria has pushed European countries into adopting green energy, while pricing out actual energy that works reliably when the temperature drops and people need to stay alive.

What would that do in Frank’s home state where last January wind chills hit below 20-degree temps?

European press further heard from Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnsonwho claimed that, “we have the technology under the jurisdiction of my Committee that predicts weather” and declared that, “I’m dismayed when I hear that to clean the planet and to give attention to the environment causes us to lose jobs. We have not found that in our research.” Rep. Johnson is a former psychiatric nurse. She chairs the Science, Space and Technology Committee. Finally, Republicans in Europe can, like Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and the Dixie Chicks, be embarrassed to be Americans.

Sadly, for Nancy, the only thing anyone in the media wanted to ask her about was President Trump. Nancy wanted to have her global warming moment in the sun. But no one actually cared about her.

“Time is taking its toll on the planet,” Pelosi claimed.

The planet has been around for a very long time. And will go on being around. Time however is taking its toll on Nancy Pelosi. The planet isn’t going anywhere. Nancy is. And not just to Madrid or whichever international destination the next smart set is jetting off next to warn everyone that we must stop jetting places or the planet will be destroyed. The clock doesn’t tick for the world, but for her.

Speaker Pelosi has agreed to step down in 2022. That’s only three years away. All her plans and proposals are meaningless. Even if Trump were to lose, she won’t be around for much longer.

While Pelosi promises to fix the rain in Spain, the Bay Area was hit with the biggest storm in six months. And Nancy knows the political storm that will sweep her away may be less than a year away.

No one needs another conference to save the planet. But what about a conference to save Nancy?

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