Where have all the guns and ammunition supplies gone?

Henry Shivley, Since when in this country has there ever been a need that hasn’t been met? The firearm, ammunition, powder, and primer manufacturers are not keeping up with demand, and haven’t been for over a year now.

What unlawful regulations have been put in place by the unlawful United States Corporation to ban the import of arms, ammunition, and reloading supplies since 9/11?

A lot of the ammunition we cannot get is NATO. Where are the imports?

A lot of the guns we want are NATO. Why are they not being imported?

I have found the guns, ammunition, and reloading supplies being produced in the United States are being exported out of this country more easily now as we the American nationals are being deprived of these implements necessary for our implementation of our 2nd Article right, thanks to this new Rule that went into effect in March 2020: US Civilian Firearms Exporters Take Heed as Commerce Department Takes Lead Over Enforcement under New Rule.


Why has there not been a freeze on all exports of arms and ammunition from the United States to last until we the people have our needs met?  This is corporate treason.  We have made these bastards and we can break them.

I have found that Hodgdon, the biggest producer of reloading powder, has bought up most of the other major powder producers. https://hodgdon.com/hodgdon-acquisitions/

I have found Hodgdon’s excuses for the powder shortages in early 2020 here: https://hodgdon.com/powder-shortage-statement/ and in early 2021 here: https://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2021/02/hodgdon-powder-update-why-are-there-shortages/

I have found that Hodgdon is now exporting powder to Europe, the Middle East and Africa here: https://hodgdon.com/omi2/ yet they tell us they are having trouble in transporting it to we American nationals. Liars and Traitors.

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This is treason and every free man and woman needs to know about it.

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