Where are you, Republicans of courage?

Chad Groening,

If Donald Trump’s victory in the 2020 presidential race is not secured, one of America’s premier law enforcement figures says it will be the fault of Republicans.

Last week a security video revealed Democrat operatives in Atlanta pulling out several hidden suitcases filled with ballots and running them through counting machines after the media and the Republican observers were sent away because of an apparent burst water pipe in the building.

In an interview on Real America’s Voice, Bernard Kerik, the former commissioner of the New York City Police Department who is now part of the Trump defense team, blasted Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) for allowing the certification of the Georgia vote for Joe Biden.

“Every voter in Georgia has to be fuming right now,” Kerik said. “The criminality was overwhelming. The video in itself is one thing. Those numbers tell a story that basically Donald Trump won that election by far, overwhelmingly won that election. And for the governor or any one of these people to certify that election with those numbers, they’re crazy.”

So Kerik submits that if Donald Trump loses this election, it will not be because of the Democrats; it will be because of Republicans who do not have the courage to stand up and do their job.

“We have the power. We have the law behind us. We have the Constitution on our side,” he told Real America’s Voice. “If Donald Trump is not elected president in this election, the Republicans did it. Not the Democrats. The Democrats tried, but we could win this if the Republicans did their job.”

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