George Eaton, In recent weeks Russia seems to be solidifying their conclusions on the UK and identifying them as a major source of anti-Russian activities.

This is turning into a clear understanding where the conspiracy is based against Russia, and the ones promoting the total destruction of Russia. This will result in the Russians eventually targeting the UK state and its military power.

It is obvious now that the Russian leadership sees the UK government as enemy number one, which needs to be dealt with one way or the other. America is the UKs back up partner with more nukes to defend the UK and Europe, which could make the US a target as well.

The truth is, the UK is not the only location where conspirators are located. There is a large consortium of conspirators spread out across Europe and in the US that work together towards creating a one world government. They are located mostly in the large financial centers of the west, like New York City, London, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Zurich, and Vienna to name a few.

There are special “bag men” that are sent personally to countries around the world with sealed folders for political leaders. Inside the folders are instructions on what to promote and push, and money to buy them off. If they refuse, they are killed like the leaders recently in Africa that refused the Covid19 narrative. This is how the world is run, along with corporation dictates, financial powers that invest in industries and political movements, nothing is left to chance. If they don’t get their way, they always have a plan “B” to redirect their policies into action.

The building towards a nuclear war against Russia is one of those major policies that has been fine-tuned and developed for many years to make happen. It will take place regardless of what other moves secondary players might exercise. Failure is not an option. Standing down from this agenda and pulling back from the coming conflict is not considered a possibility by the globalists. They can make it happen no matter what other players do or don’t do.

However, the people in the UK don’t want war. The people in Russia don’t want war. The people in Ukraine don’t want war, and the people of Europe and the US don’t want war. But that doesn’t matter to the globalists – they have already decided there will be war and they have the means to make it happen, regardless what the nation states “want”. If needed, a false flag event can be created easily at any time to take the nations into war. It has been done before and can easily be done again.

Because of the new conclusions the Russians have adopted it is quite possible that Russia will carry on a full-time secret mission to seek out and destroy UK subs, which have nuclear missiles.
They can do away with them if they find them, and they would explode underwater, and very possibly never send a signal to home on what happened.

Even if they did send a signal home that they were being followed and hunted by a Russian sub, it is also possible that the UK government would never reveal this fact to the public, and simply say the sub had a malfunction and sunk with all hands lost.
US subs are also possible targets but are more sophisticated. Also, US subs are kept in reserve, hidden away in remote areas in the oceans. If called on, they can retaliate from any location on the globe.

The fact that the UK has its own subs and nukes creates a big problem for nations like Russia. The UK can attack an adversary nation at any time and might get away with destroying a nation without accountability.

It is a well-known fact that the UK is under total domination by the Rothschilds and could utilize nuclear weapons any time they desire. That is too much power in a few hands – and in corrupt globalists’ hands as well.

The UK has no natural resources. They are nothing more than a shell of what they used to be. They survive through banking and finance. They travel to other countries and manage things to make a profit, and acquire more wealth and power. They think their station in life is everything, and they exploit all others for their own benefit. They have chosen the path of greed, power and hedonism. And they have given away their cultural birthright to foreigners that rule with the globalists. If the world truly wants a fresh new start, the wealthy elite globalists must go.

The west as it is led now by the globalists, has zero interest in listening to Putin or wanting peace. They want war at all cost. It’s all they want.
They have made no overtures for agreements, peace, compromises…or to even talk.
The west is playing Putin for a fool by refusing to talk to him, about anything. He is wasting his breath by even trying to talk to the west. They laugh at him regardless what he does. This is a recipe for disaster, but the US and the EU is following this pattern of behavior towards Russia as if they are preparing for World War 3, which is exactly what the globalist want.

The stage is set for a major action in Ukraine, which will raise the conflict to a higher level. Russia is primed for their next move as soon as Ukraine and Nato attack Russia. Nato also has plans to take out the Russian naval fleet in the Black Sea, and perhaps in other locations like the Med and around Kaliningrad.

Once the dominoes start to fall because of Nato actions, it will accelerate the retaliation by Russia. I expect to see a nuclear exchange at the very minimum in Europe. And if the Russian homeland is hit by anything, I wouldn’t want to be any of the nations responsible. They will be on the receiving end of some major retaliation, including nuclear missiles.
The shock and panic of this war breaking out can’t be accurately estimated in the European citizens. The globalists are hoping it will galvanize and solidify their support from the masses as they continue the war against Russia, and maintain their political power. But there are wild cards involved that could pop up in Europe and the US to resist this push for nuclear war.

The pain is starting to take hold in Ukraine – now the people in Ukraine see where war leads. It will get worse before it gets better. Many are now fleeing to other European nations.
As this is going on, the globalists are now looking for actions to turn things in their favor. And they are only a false flag away from getting their world war.

The US has spent at least $65 billion to help Ukraine. They are now allocating another $50 billion. Imagine how that could have helped American families.
The Ukraine war is only one or two major events away from the outbreak of direct conflict between Nato and Russia. It is all too easy to create a false flag and herd the masses in the direction the leaders want to go.

So far, I see no actions in this conflict that demonstrates that Russia is winning or that the globalists will desist in what they are doing. The globalists don’t give up that easily. They simply have too many options to exercise to achieve their goals.
In addition to that, their declared agenda is to depopulate the nations and blame the financial and economic woes on a war breaking out. They have no incentive to avoid a nuclear war, instead they have a great incentive to create the environment for nuclear war and to sacrifice millions of lives in the process.

We can trust the globalists to do what is in their best interest and also to make every move against us to make our lives miserable. That means our job is to remain on our guard, stay out of the urban areas, have extra food on hand, and the emergency supplies to get through power outages. We can get through this until the time comes our Constitutional Republic is restored. George Eaton

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