When Mexican Cartels Slaughter Americans

Michael Cutler,
Weeks earlier, Senate declared: ‘No emergency on the border.”
Once again it appears that the violent Mexican drug cartels have committed a horrific mass murder.
Their tactics could have been taken from the playbook of ISIS or al Qaeda. Initially news reports expressed the possibility that the killers may have mistaken those killed for members of an adversary cartel. However, the facts don’t support it.
Children, including infants were among those shot and burned while strapped into their car seats.
The crime scene stretched for miles and more than 200 shell casings were recovered.
The November 6th CBS News report, Mexico arrests armed man with possible link to ambush on U.S. family that left 9 dead included this excerpt that points to a deliberate attack on the victims:
As CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reports, the Sonora prosecutor’s office said the person arrested was found in a vehicle with two other people who were bound and gagged. Those unidentified individuals were rescued, and four assault-style weapons, spent magazines and high-caliber ammunition, were seized. Two vehicles were seized separately, including one said to have been armored.

Of course, while all of the facts are not yet known, what cannot be ignored is that there are terror training camps in the Tri-Border Region of Brazil linked to Hezbollah, Hamas and other Middle Eastern terrorist organizations. It has been widely reported that human trafficking organizations and drug cartels throughout Latin America have been working in close coordination with Hezbollah, an Iran-backed terrorist organization.

I addressed several of these worrying connections in my article Jihad At The Border.
As I stated during one of my first Congressional hearings, we only get one opportunity to make a first impression.
Our borders and immigration laws provide that first impression for millions of people around the world.
Today our politicians are sending a clear message, violations of our borders and our laws will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
That is one hell of a dangerous message that should earn them the cartels’ an MVP Award!

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