What’s Ironic About the Liberal Media’s Capitol Building Coverage?

Matt Vespa,

Well, it’s over, folks. Congress will certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. There were some 140 Republican House members who said they would object. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-RX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) lead a dozen or so Senate Republicans who would do the same.

There would be an objection to the allocation of a specific state’s electoral votes, both chambers would break off to hold separate sessions with up to two hours of debate, and a final vote would be held on the matter. This was expected to happen at least three times. It was going to be an hours-long affair.

Not the case. Both sessions had to recess because Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building yesterday. They quickly overwhelmed the Capitol Police. They vandalized the offices. They duked it out with police in the rotunda; tear gas was deployed. They entered the Senate chamber. They tried to bust into onto the House floor, but police barricaded the door with guns drawn.

It led to a nonstop media meltdown. All the narratives were hurled against the wall about how these protesters were domestic terrorists, traitors, insurrectionists, and how this is what happens when a president peddled conspiracy theories and not fact.

Oh yeah, you bet they tried to blame Trump for this event. And what happens later, the media, who had just slammed the peddling of conspiracy theories, serve up a whopper about the Capitol Police. You see, they helped these protesters storm the Capitol Building. There is no evidence to back this up. there is no evidence to back this up. This is the crackpipe nonsense from liberal media outlets and their allies.

Curtis Houck of Newsbusters caught this piping hot load of garbage and tweeted about it. Oh, better yet, Michael Beschloss, a supposed presidential historian, decided to calm things today by saying Trump could try to enact martial law, launch nukes, and start insane wars before he leaves office.

Uh, dude, if Trump wanted to stay in power, he would have done so eons ago, not two weeks before he leaves office. He didn’t do that because that’s never going to happen. Second, the police really were in cahoots with the so-called domestic terrorist in this event. I mean, I knew sniffing glue was bad, but golly.

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