What will it take to wake up the sleepers?

The CDC is now calling on all vaccinated Americans to wear face masks at all time. In my opinion, this is a classic case of “how far can we push sleepers until they wake up?” Imagine that you are fully vaccinated and still voluntarily wear a mask without doubting it.

Even MSM is forced to comment on this turnaround.


New data suggest that fully vaccinated individuals have not only contracted COVID, but may be carriers of more of the virus than previously thought, making it easier to spread, NBC News colleagues report.

Israel is not the only country that supports “booster injections” for the vaccinated. My retired neighbors, who have been vaccinated twice, are quite happy to have a booster injection.


Israel will be the first country to officially administer a third dose of Covid-19 to citizens over the age of 60 as a “booster injection.”

Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, with a strong message about resistance.


Refuse to submit at all costs. We are HUMAN BEINGS created in the image of God. If your job forces you to get vaccinated, find a good lawyer and sue or do whatever it takes to find a new job. If they think they’re going to fool us again with this veil nonsense, they’re in for another problem. Throw away all the masks.

If businesses make you wear them, make a big, loud (but completely legal and peaceful) scene and never shop there again. If your kids force them to wear these stupid masks all day at school, get a bunch of parents and speak out loud at every school board meeting. Then do your best to make sure your children learn at home. Name and shor businesses, school board members, and everyone else who continues to promote this false story that is destroying our country and our people.

And this is what the resistance looks like. 220,000 members of the U.S. Postal Service oppose mandatory vaccination.


President Trump is also fighting — condemning child veiling. “We’re not going back there!”


We’re not going back there. We’re not going to force our kids to wear face masks. Joe Biden and his administration didn’t learn from last year. Brave Americans have learned how to live safely and responsibly and defend themselves. Don’t give up COVID. Don’t come back! Why don’t Democrats trust science? Don’t let that happen to our children or our country.

The purpose of the story of vaccines and veils is now being sharpened. It’s a dividing line. Now that the story has crossed the imaginary line of meaningless regulations, we will see how people react.

In the meantime, stay calm and focused. Remember, it’s all just a SHOW. As Q said, “You’re going to love how the show ends.” Q also said, “The end will not be for everyone.”

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The military is involved in the Sydney lock-ins. Janine (Tarot by Janine) believes that Australia and the UK are being used as an experiment by Black Hats to see how much people can take before they rise up and say – ENOUGH.


Australian authorities have called on the army to occupy parts of Sydney and enforce the latest draconian restrictions.

Gestapo Biden ordered that all U.S. soldiers must be vaccinated. Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, receives a lot of messages from soldiers who need help fighting this mandate.

Here is a report on the treatment of military personnel who refuse vaccinations. It’s appalling.


My son is on active duty in the Navy. They are constantly bullied to undergo experimental vaccination, and if they do not, their freedoms are taken away. Sailors are literally locked in a room for weeks to a month before deployment. They are given spoiled food, cannot receive mail/care packages, cannot do their laundry (resulting in bedbugs and skin infections) or have their laundry sent for cleaning. No TV. He can’t leave his room for nothing. Literally prisoners. Illegals are treated better than those who serve in the military.

Frontline Doctors pathologist tells the truth about vaccines. It’s poison.

Dr Ryan Cole: “We conducted studies on laboratory animals. We only injected Spike without the body of the virus. Spike has caused the same diseases that Covid 19 causes. Same lung, vascular, heart, brain disease. Spike is a toxin. Why are we injecting something into the human body that’s a toxin?! It’s a toxin and it causes a disease. This isn’t a vaccine. We need to stop this madness unconditionally. This isn’t good science anymore. It’s a poisonous attack on our population.”

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Farewell to July – finally!


An important document from Gab CEO Andrew Torba – a religious exception for vaccines.


People are waking up.


I feel cheated because I was terrified of Mr. Trump and I feared that his party would be a champion of tyranny and oppression, just to be the party I was on. I’m angry that I wasted my energy worrying about Trump when I was supposed to be enjoying life more. I’m exhausted.

These sisters are showing the truth.


We worked during the pandemic without vaccinations, now they want to release us.

Last year, the heroine, unemployed this year.

I like this meme.


The CDC admits that the PCR test is unable to distinguish between Covid and the flu. The flu’s gone.

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers reminds us that Biden and Co. work for us, the people.


Biden works for us. Pelosi works for us. We humans should in no way tolerate the trampling of our rights. Don’t deal with it. They can’t arrest 300 million people.

This “gym oracle” predicted the current situation with haunting accuracy.


“Gym Oracle” Chris Sky is recognized for his tremendously accurate predictions he made early last year, during which he laid out the entire closure agenda, including how mandatory masks will return for vaccinated people.

Finally, cartoonist Ben Garrison carries us to August. So clever.

Fun summer in the style of 2021. What’s going to happen in August? Fasten your seatbelt, my friends!


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MSM Newspaper is in the dark about the fraudulent pandemic.


One of Europe’s largest newspapers, Germany’s Bild, has officially apologized for publishing propaganda about the fake virus and harming society, especially children. The editor of Bild speaks in a short video, calling the virus a lie.


Biden’s staff referred to him as “the nightmare of Elm Street.” His days must be numbered.


Today, large protests are taking place in France in many cities. The French are resenting humbly retreating. I hope Australians will remember their famously courageous approach to life and also come out in their thousands to protest. We humans have had enough.

In New Zealand, the month of August began. It feels good to start the month, which I consider to be the “Q month”. It gives me confidence that the Alliance’s action is near.

Hold the line.

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