What Is Happening In Ukraine Is All Theater, Peace Has Not Been Achieved

George Eaton, Nothing has changed in Ukraine; the situation is still very dangerous. Russia has in excess of 150,000 troops on the border with 350,000 backing them up. The US is now considering plans to bring in missiles that could be used against Russia. That is not a good sign.
Putin said that some troops in the conflict zone would be sent back, starting May 1st. But that is a week away, and between now and then anything could happen. In fact, he could be simply rotating soldiers on the front lines. Also, he didn’t say the tanks and equipment would be withdrawn from the conflict zone.

There has been no real progress made with the Ukraine leader. The ball is in their court if they want peace. But the truth is, the declarations and statements of war made by Ukraine, and the continued daily shelling of cities tell the real story. Even if Russian troops are withdrawn it means very little. According to what Putin said in his recent speech, the real war in any case would be “asymmetrical” anyway. So, if the Ukrainians and NATO attack the independent Donbas areas, Putin could attack Kiev – the capital of Ukraine, or any European cities and US targets.

Responding “asymmetrically” means the opposite of a “symmetrical” attack. A symmetrical attack is how the older wars were fought, which means, for example, in Europe when an army is attacked on a battlefield the enemy army then strikes back on that army directly. But in today’s world, because of the nature of hi-tech weapons, attacks can be made against other targets where the orders originated from – like cities hundreds of miles away, instead of the enemy across the battlefield.

If Russia is attacked by NATO forces, Putin is saying then, he may attack the main bases, headquarters and/or the capital cities of those troops. He could attack a variety of military bases, naval bases in Germany, France, England or the US. He could hit major European cities, or even target US bases and cities. That is modern “asymmetrical” warfare.

Instead of both parties keeping the warfare restricted to a specific line of conflict, they can use their missiles and bombers to attack the home countries. It causes the attackers to pause and think about the ramifications and consequences of their attack – since the retaliation could be against their family’s home town thousands of miles away. In view of this change in warfare tactics, it places more responsibility on the public to scrutinize the national leader’s decisions when they go to war – and with whom.

Something Big Is Coming Soon! Something Is Happening & Continues to Escalate!

Putin was very quiet about the war in Ukraine. His speech to the leaders in Moscow didn’t include any details on the Ukraine conflict. He simply said: “If anyone crosses our red line they will suffer bitterly”. An abbreviated, terse statement like that from a leader that is known to do what he says, causes any potential enemy to believe what he says and to think twice before going to war with him. The bottom line is, Putin is not bluffing, and the US and NATO would do well to keep their distance from Russia’s borders and start respecting the treaties and agreements made with the Russians by President Reagan and the US Congress.

To obtain peace in Ukraine several criteria have to be met:
• Water must be restored to Crimea
• The siege against the defenders of Donbas must cease, and their borders respected and their lives no longer threatened

• Ukraine as a buffer state, must promise not to allow nuclear missiles to be placed on their borders that face Moscow, Russia

I’m sure there are a few other things that must be done to allow peace to be established in the area, but that is a short list of priorities.
But as long as Ukraine and NATO don’t do any of those things, a state of war still exists between NATO and Russia – and it could go hot at any time. And that my fellow Americans, threatens us on a daily basis.

This situation exists because of globalist GREED for more resources and economic slavery. And GREED leads to WAR, and WAR leads to DEATH and DESTRUCTION.

Russia is in no rush to start a war, but they will not tolerate their red lines being crossed or allow the western nations to place missiles that threaten the Russian homeland. At this time, I see no actions by the US or NATO in lifting sanctions against Russia or establishing normal relations. In fact, the very opposite is happening and continuing to get worse. That means the corrupt Biden regime along with NATO and the EU are not operating in good faith to cultivate an environment of peace with Russia.

In fact, the negative political rhetoric coming from those groups and funneled through a complicit news media, is inciting the west to go to war. The falsehoods, lies and accusations have become so prevalent that Putin said it has become a “sport” for them to operate in this way against Russia. It has become like a campaign, or a crusade to continue piling on the false accusations against Russia – when they know it has no foundation in facts.

This is the same kind of environment the American conservatives faced during the election year when the democrats were demonizing Trump and promoting socialist Biden for President. The globalists have labeled the American Right to be their enemy and they want them disarmed and reeducated, or else eliminated before they can establish a New World Order. Don’t accept their lies, don’t take their shots, don’t hand them your guns and don’t allow them to take your children.

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