What If Omicron Is Actually A Good Thing?

Derek Hunter, Let me preface this by saying I am not a doctor. Far too many columnists and pundits like to make absolutist declarations, likely to (what they believe) make themselves look tough, about things they clearly have no expertise in, especially COVID.

It probably works, gets them eyeballs and clicks, but it informs exactly no one. That being said, without making any declarations, I have some questions and speculations about the Omicron variant and, more importantly, what it means for the progress of the pandemic.

Naturally, leftists want to scare the hell out of you over Omicron. Fear is good for business – it brings in viewers, gets more clicks, and means more followers. So you can expect the type of hyperventilating coverage of Omicron and whatever comes next to continue. But what is the truth?

I haven’t seen a single report of anyone actually dying of Omicron. That’s incredible news, if it holds up, and we should all want it to hold up. The media has screamed about Omicron from the mountain tops, trying to scare the hell out of people, but is there anything to be concerned about? Not really, at least not yet.

Very few people, if any, have been hospitalized with it either. All testimonials from people who’ve had it include the word “mild.” This is cause for cautious optimism, if not outright celebration. That is not what we’re getting, we’re getting more mandates, etc.

So what’s going on? Not with the liberal politicians, they’re going to do whatever they can and have to in order to advance their agenda, but the virus itself?

Again, I’m not a doctor, but I do have a brain and common sense.

COVID 19 is not a human virus, it exists naturally in bats. Thanks to President Fauci and some of his cronies, and the Chinese communist government, it was changed to infect humans. But that is not its natural state, and whatever you do to nature, nature is always pushing to return to its natural state.

Clear up a patch of land and, eventually, nature will reclaim it. Same if you abandon a building. Dam a river and it’s a constant fight to maintain it. No matter what you do to nature, nature fights to get back to what it was.

When researchers created the human version of COVID 19 it was never meant to exist. The natural evolution of the virus may well have led to it being able to infect humans, but that was a long way off. So what they did to create it can’t hold. The evolution of the virus might be moving back toward where it was supposed to be naturally.

When COVID 19 was bouncing from bat to bat, its evolution was not fast because that’s where it belongs. That environment is where it is supposed to exist, there’s no need for it to evolve quickly because it thrives there in the way it exists to thrive.

In humans, the manufactured version doesn’t belong there. It can exist, thanks to Fauci’s money and Chinese tampering, but it’s not natural. Maybe Omicron is the virus reverting back toward, if not to, what it’s supposed to be?

The virus has obviously been in humans before, there are plenty of viruses out there that people get and easily defeat without even knowing it. Viruses that don’t impact humans are like putting a fish in beer – sure it’s liquid, but it can’t survive there. Perhaps COVID 19 is returning to what it was supposed to be? Or maybe its DNA simply can’t support what Fauci and his friends did to it for very long?

I don’t know this to be the case, but it’s possible. It could also be possible that the deadlier version of the virus kills off the host too effectively, or the symptoms are so bad people isolate, before they’d had a chance to infect others, so it’s fading as a dominant virus because of that.

Whatever the case, the news about Omicron has been good so far. I haven’t been able to find reports of a single death from it, and if there were any you know the media would hype it. It’s actually difficult to find anyone hospitalized from it. This is great news that should be greeted with optimistic caution, not more lockdowns, mandates, and everything else that never worked in the first place.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC.

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