Election Opinion: What Happened in 2020?

The election of 2020 was the culmination of years of work by the Left to weaken the guardrails that protect free and fair elections in America.

With raw hatred towards President Trump and his supporters, political operatives on the Left have been working steadily for years to create a system of laws that legitimize voter fraud.

Through investigative research and forensic legal analysis, the American Conservative Union has uncovered their hyper-local strategy to make it almost impossible to trace illegal ballots.

The 2020 Presidential Election played out exactly as had every other event in the year of Covid-19 – unprecedented and unpleasant. People tuned in all over the world in norm-busting tiny groups to watch the highly anticipated outcome with predictions that covered all the bases. The wildly erroneous polls that led up to Election Day set the stage for increased hostility within an already dangerously divided nation.

Media outlets raced each other to see who could project the winner of a state first. Unlike coverage in prior elections, virtually every TV channel or online news organization had a different electoral college count. By the middle of the night, it was clear that no winner would be projected, and no concession speech would be given. This was, in part, due to the predicted Covid-19 induced rise in mail-in ballots and the inability of most states to effectively prepare for this shift in early voting.

The following Saturday, CNN declared Joe Biden the winner. His supporters took to the streets celebrating the ouster of their least favorite president, while Donald Trump’s supporters silently watched in shock and rejected the projection.

In a country that follows the rule of law, the media does not decide the Presidency – the Electoral College does, based on the certification of legal votes. So rather than mimicking left-leaning supporters and taking to the streets to burn down neighborhoods, conservatives started filing lawsuits across the country, challenging how the election was conducted and seeking remedies to provide correct vote counts. By mid-November, there were already more than 400 cases and appeals filed in various state and federal courts.

This site attempts to catalog and describe the nature of pre- and post-election lawsuits in the highly contested swing states. Most stem from the massive increase in mail-in/absentee ballots and the exclusionary treatment of Republican poll watchers.

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