What Could Bring Down Trump? A Coup They Say.

Bill Sardi,  The Coup That Trumps All Coups

Coup, coup, everywhere a coup.
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.
Do this, do that, can’t you see it’s a coup?

Coup (pronounced koo): the overthrow of a government by non-democratic means.

Mention of an inevitable coup is in the air. Advice is already being issued how to stop a coup.

A military coup?  A vote-harvesting coup?  An impeachment coup?  A Supreme Court appointment coup?  A Deep State coup?  A postal worker coup?  Or maybe a coup attempt that is beyond anyone’s imagination.


Something called “coup fever” is expounded by a journalist at the New Yorker who muses about whether it is “time for a military coup.”

Then there is a Tweet from a political critic of Trump: “At what point do the Joint Chiefs of Staff just come to terms with the fact that the POTUS has lost his marbles and is insane, and just take him out?”  In retrospect he says it was a sarcastic joke.

On September 12, 2020, Colonel Richard H. Black (ret.), former chief of the Criminal Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General, at the Pentagon, talks about the Insurrection Act and the prospect of a military coup… open sedition against the Trump Presidency to physically oust him from office.


President Trump himself said the impeachment inquiry launched by House Democrats was “a coup.”


Then there is the Supreme Court Justice coup.  With the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there is an accusation that Trump will use The Supreme Court as arbiter over State ballot tallies, tying up the results of the Presidential election.


Darren Beattie, author of The American Mind and former White House speechwriter for Donald Trump, talks about a Color Revolution coup.  He refers to what he describes as an engineered, contested election combined with massive mobilized protests and civil disobedience.   Beattie points fingers at Norm Eisen as a key political hatchet-man and author of A Case For The American People: The United States v. Donald Trump, who is described as the originator of actions to censor, sue and impeach the President.


Then there is the postal worker coup.  Postal workers steal the election by trashing mail-in ballots, which apparently has already started.


Of course, we would never read or hear about a news media coup.  Would the news media point a finger at itself?  American democracy has never faced an election where the mass media, working in concert, is attempting to sway the election away from one candidate.  What if Donald Trump is lawfully elected and the news media says it isn’t so?


Then there is the “refuse the results of the election coup.”  In an article published by the editors of THE AMERICAN MIND entitled STOP THE COUP, here is the current logic regarding a coup: “In article after article, liberal intellectuals and activists have been talking for months about how Trump could steal the election or refuse to leave the White House even if he loses. But if the Right dares to point out that Democrats are actually changing the rules of the electoral process and actually speaking publicly about refusing to concede even if they lose, well, this only proves that the Right is going to steal the election and refuse to concede if they lose!”


What Americans have witnessed this year is a COVID-19 death coup.  It is obvious reported deaths from COVID-19 are far higher in States where Democrat governors manage the pandemic.  Blame the coronavirus deaths on the President.  That will get him unelected.  Political firebrand Candace Owens released this tweet on May 23:

Speaking About News



There is the old-fashioned poisoning coup.  A Canadian woman is accused of mailing a package containing ricin, a known toxin, with a note that referred to Trump as “The ugly tyrant clown.”  The package was intercepted by at a mail sorting facility.


And the good old-fashioned assassination coup: a young mentally deranged man at a Trump rally in Las Vegas also attempted to grab a police officer’s gun to assassinate the President.  Another man holding a “Kill Trump” sign in Dallas is now serving jail time for threatening to assassinate the President.


Then there is the reverse coup.  Filmmaker Michael Moore claims it is Trump himself who is overthrowing the US state by political appointments.   Moore posted on Twitter: “If you’re still trying to convince yourself that a 21st century coup is not underway, please, please snap out of it”.


Another form of reverse coup.  A law was enacted in Hungary using coronavirus as a pretext, to appoint Prime Minister Viktor Orban to rule by decree indefinitely.


Paul Craig Roberts writing an in the Foreign Policy journal about the “Murder of American Democracy,” says it is more than a witch hunt against Trump, “it really is a coup against American democracy….”

“The impeach Trump people don’t understand that if the coup against the elected president succeeds, every future president will know that if he attempts to “drain the swamp” or bring any changes not acceptable to the ruling elite, he, too, will be destroyed.  It will mean the end of democracy and accountable government. Unhindered rule by the Deep State and associated elites will take democracy’s place.”


What if Trump himself gets himself unelected?  The Brookings Institute, an org could be called an anti-Trump think tank, published a report entitled What Happens If President Trump Contracts COVID-19?  In March a report in The Atlantic said Donald Trump had been tested for COVID-19.  In May it was reported Mr. Trump was taking hydroxychloroquine, an anti-Malaria drug, along with zinc pills as a preventive against COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

Donald Trump at age 74, at 6’ 3” tall and weighing 243 lbs., being male and presumably having high iron stores (ferritin) in his body, all which are major risk factors for severe COVID-19 coronavirus infection, classify Potus in a high-risk group for this sometimes-mortal lung infection.

How would the public react to an announcement the President is CORONAVIRUS-10 positive?  Would the public blame him for not wearing a face mask and say he deserves to be infected?  Or if he fell ill and had to be hospitalized, would voters change their mind and out of sympathy change their vote?


Recall for three years the Deep State and the news media flouted that the Donald Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with Russia in the 2016 election.  An investigation by Robert Mueller (former FBI chief and member of the Deep State) couldn’t pin the tail on the Trump donkey and it made an a__ out of the Democrats.  While 76 percent of those polled said the Mueller Investigation did not change their views about Trump, 10% did say it changed their minds in favor of “The Donald.”


With all of the personal ad hominem attacks and return rancor of a political campaign, gone are political party platforms.  It’s all about digging up dirt on the opposing candidate.  Accusations of immorality, womanizing, groping women, flings with strippers, began with the Clinton candidacy and has been heightened in this election.

The late occurrence of street riots involving political protest groups (BLM and ANTIFA) has unusually placed one political party excusing and the other slamming this social unrest.  This is not like the peaceful civil rights movement of the 1960s.  It is open mayhem in city streets.  The disenfranchised feel they must violate the law to achieve their objectives because government is corrupt, elections are rigged and society is systemically racist.  Any video that gives the appearance of police shooting unarmed black people to death is the evidence provided, regardless of the facts involved.


Yet hidden in the many campaign maneuvers has been an effort by the Democrat Party to provide billions of dollars to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the veil it would be used to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus.  The IMF spearheads an effort fashioned by the European-based World Economic Forum that intends to eliminate the US government entirely, replace it with a global government, abolish the borders and sovereignty of all nations, erase all history and abolish all religion globally, and replace all paper money currencies with a global digital dollar, in what is called a global reset, which is in effect an act of open sedition.

The electorate appears oblivious to this.  Just how would the electorate react if they fully understood there is a covert effort being promoted by one political party to destroy the US and replace it with unelected global governance.

Regardless of which candidate is elected to the Presidency, there is a worldwide coup that would unseat every political leader that is openly being planned, beginning January 2021.  There would be no President Joe Biden or President Donald Trump.

Efforts to accomplish this takeover are under way.  Already banks are closing branches, the public is asked to take their piggy banks to return coinage to the banks because of shortages, and to avoid using paper money because it transmits the COVID-19 coronavirus.  These are preparations for the elimination of paper money and coerced introduction of a global digital dollar that its developers say will also be used to control populations, compel people to vaccinate and to cooperate with other global agendas or face cancellation of their money card.  Bankers will take over the world.  Politicians will be ousted.

My writing in these last days before the 2020 Presidential election is repetitious.  The prospect of many simultaneous coups is in public discussion.

The global digital money coup is grandest scheme of them all and the irony is, the oblivious public is likely to clamor for this equality money card that both rich and poor on this planet will now have.

What do we do now?

After explaining what is going on to others, they ask, “What do we do now?”  Nobody seems to know how to put a stop of this.  Your enemy is not in the streets.  Your boat and truck rallies will not halt this behind-the-scenes scheme, to control all money and therefore all people on earth.

Our AR-15 automatic weapons won’t bring down the International Monetary Fund, headquartered in Washington DC, that is scheming behind the scenes to bring this fascist scheme to a reality.

At this late date, only about two months before the Presidential election, the US electorate appears to be clueless over this ginormous hidden agenda.  This is the global governance coup.  It is the coup that “trumps” all coups.  Your eyes may alert for the other coups.  But they are pale next to this global coup.

“I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny.
You’ve come to fight as free men and free men you are.
What will you do without freedom?  Will you fight?
Fight, and you may die.  Run and you will live, at least a while.
And dying in your beds many years from now
would you be willing to trade all the days from this day forward to that,
for just one chance to tell our enemies they may take our lives
but they will never take our freedom!

– – William freedom speech, BRAVEHEART

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