West Point Investigating Cadets’ Hand Symbol at Army-Navy Game for Possible White Power Link


West Point has vowed to launch an investigation after several cadets and were seen flashing the OK hand sign during an ESPN broadcast of this weekend’s Army-Navy game.

Critics called the hand gesture a “white power” symbol.

“West Point is looking into the matter. At this time we do not know the intent of the cadets,” the academy said n a statement according to Philadelphia Inquirer.

The investigation was sparked after the game broadcast from Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly where several students were seen flashing the OK sign behind ESPN’s Reece Davis.

Extreme liberals such as Tariq Nasheed immediately began accusing the students of flashing a “white power” symbol and calling for the students to be thrown out of the academy without any investigation.

Not everyone, though, was calling for the heads of the students. Former senior White House adviser Cliff Sims also jumped to Twitter writing, “Here we go again. This time it’s @ByMikeBrehm of @usatodaysports trying to ruin the lives of cadets for playing the circle game, because in some alternate reality they just MUST be white supremacists. At some point someone’s gotta bring a defamation case against these lunatics.”

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