Ways to Steal A Election: Malware, Including Qsnatch, Hammer and Scorecard

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How to Steal A Election, The Left’s ridiculously thorough (and very temporary!) “theft” of the 2020 election reminds me of an old joke: “That man has muscles in places I don’t even have places.”

The Left has fraud in places the Republicans don’t even have places!(Including servers seized by the US Military in Frankfurt, Germany.)

For the past nine days, like you I’ve been glued to Twitter, kicked off Twitter, back on Twitter, re-glued to Twitter, taking screenshots of every new method of election fraud as it was discovered or theorized. You have to be quick to grab the screenshots before Twitter deletes them!

Lately the geeks have come to the fore, wielding their patriotism as they do best by patiently combing through line after line of code, finding hole after glitch after anomaly in the Dominion et al systems or as one cheeky geek called them, “Dominion’s selling points.”

Here for your reading enjoyment are 153,762 (give or take a few) ways to digitally steal an election. (The slideshows can be manually paused, rewound or advanced so you can read them at your leisure.)

According to NOQ Report, ” ‘THE HAMMER’ is a counter-intelligence surveillance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection while ‘Scorecard’ is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer…between voting stations and data storage hubs.”

I look at it from the perspective of my four years in IT where I was tasked with testing Miracle-Ear’s proprietary Sycle.net software rolled out in 2008-2009 to their franchisees nationwide. We protected the medical information of the Miracle-Ear customers, which contained nothing more interesting than how deaf they were, with more care than Dominion protects our sacred votes. If we hadn’t, HIPAA would’ve screamed bloody murder and heads would’ve rolled.

The “selling points” in Dominion make sense if you track the money trail from Dominion to Smartmatic, “a firm that specializes in building and implementing electronic voting systems” to which George Soros has ties via his friendship with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown who chairs the Board of Smartmatic as well as Soros’ Open Society Foundation, “an organization that funds building inclusive and vibrant democracies.” My thanks to the site that compiled this info for me in an attempt to debunk Soros’ connection to Smartmatic! They can debunk in one hand and sh*t in the other!

Speaking About News

Remember when a Pennsylvanian Marnie Steedley tweeted that her sister had been asked what party she intended to vote for before being handed a paper ballot? Yep, I was shocked too. A ballot is a ballot is a ballot…or is it?

Hats off to Twitter user @CodeMonkeyZ who made sense of Marnie Steedley’s tweet by connecting the dots between a nearly imperceptible (and impossible to make!) “typo” President Trump made in his first tweet from Walter Reed to a feature in Dominion voting software called “Party Preference.” (PDF attached).

Theoretically, it allows a bad operator to surreptitiously introduce the same “typo” Trump made into the Dominion software whereby if you vote a straight Republican ticket up and down ballot, your choice for President will be rejected. CodeMonkeyZ explains this may be how Donald Trump appeared to do so badly in historically Republican districts. It also explains how ballots that were cast for all Republicans down ballot mysteriously voted for Biden for President. (Gag! Ugh!)

It’s just a theory but a brilliant one. I’m telling you, the geeks will inherit the Earth!

Qsnatch Malware
In 2014, a new malware was detected by cyber security in the UK and US. Qsnatch continued to romp across the globe until 2017 when it took a short sabbatical and then resurfaced in 2018 continuing to affect servers to this day.  Everyone including Newsmax believes our voting servers, which are apparently stored all across the world, have been infected with the Qsnatch malware.

The sad part is I’ve barely scratched the surface of the possible digital fraud in this article! The complexity of hardware, software, servers, Internet, hackers, malware, mysteriously “lost” flash drives and thousands of other ways our votes can be tampered with makes you want to scream!

Frankly, we need to go back to the good old days where an old lady sitting behind a huge book would greet you on Election Day and run her arthritic finger down the page until she found the line with your name and address. You would sign the book on that line. Then Grandma would give you a paper ballot and another Grandma would tally it by hand. Simple, mostly accurate, lots of paper trail. To that, I suggest we add picture voter ID as President Trump wanted and the electoral-stain-on-the-finger-and-cuticle that other countries use to prevent citizens from voting twice.

Simple. Straightforward.

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