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As we get further into the RESET fake plandemic and people wonder what is making them sick… everyone keeps looking at NEW STUFF and NOT AT the NORMAL STUFF, which are the poisons that made everyone sick on a regular basis. And now making them even sicker as they all get stressed out during lock downs, while many still believe that if we get the voter fraud issue fixed and our elected real president in office, all will go back to normal…. which is corrupt systems and depopulation through slow kill, with hidden poisons in our food, air, pharma, and water. Versus fast kill with jabs, and depleted oxygen by wearing masks, bad pharma, etc.

Why have people not taken to the airwaves over the toxic poisons forced on the public such as fluoride in our water? Where is the outcry over the deliberate poison?

Something does not make sense unless people have been unable to think due to the poisoned water…that has been dumped on us since 1945. Is this what makes the “obey” attitudes? If so, I wonder what people like myself would have been like if we had not been on it?

At the time of my posting the video below, it has had only 258 views, and it has been up since August 4, 2021! Many of you remember over the years all the denial that fluoride did anything bad to you, all we heard is that it was good and prevented tooth decay. Anyone who said the TRUTH ABOUT FLUORIDE WAS CALLED A LIAR OR A NUT CASE!

Please watch the informative video. Then take the steps to self-protect until we get through this invisible world war. The one we are in and the enemy denies.

Well, all I can say is this, it is long overdue that we the people of the world learn the word ENOUGH and the words NO MORE! It is time to say… STOP!

The ones behind all the control over what we say and do, really believe that sooner or later people will accept the new stuff as good for us too. At that point, it will be as Klaus says, we will have nothing and be happy. Why? Because we will no longer be humans with free will, we will be like a world of lobotomized humans programed to do whatever we are programed to do. Even if that means sitting in the closet like a vacuum cleaner until it is time to be plugged in and used.

The first step is seeing it for what it is. The second step is making them stop poisoning the water supplies because you did not consent to being fluoride poisoned!

Now, I don’t know what’s in your water, it may be pure. I don’t know what is in every municipality water supply in the nation, but it should all be tested and the reports should be made available daily to the people. Just like the weather. And because we can not trust what our hired public service people do, this job should be done by people hired by the people and held accountable. With posted daily reports. Our food, water, air and medicine should no longer be left up to the ones that have proven to be non trustworthy.


My point in showing this is…to show we have been being poisoned slowly by our own government-controlled systems. One thing is sure, none of this is new and there is no need to fear adding snake venom to what is already a toxic cocktail.

How to Check fluoride Content in Your Tap Water…

The most important step is to ensure there’s fluoride in your tap water before you invest in a filter (if you haven’t already). Checking if your tap water is fluoridated is easy and 100% free. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the CDC online fluoride checker tool (Click Here)
  2. Find your state
  3. Once you search for your state, find your county
  4. After you click on your county, find your local water provider
  5. You’ll see a list of water providers with a “Yes” or “No” in the “Fluoridated” column
  6. If your water provider fluoridates your water, click on your provider to see the exact fluoride concentration in ppm

A handful of states do not participate in the program including California, New Jersey, Ohio, and others. The CDC recommends checking your state’s website for more information.

Now that you know whether your tap water is fluoridated, you may want to get a water filter that removes it and other contaminants. Here is a link that offers some help in how to select the type of water filter for you and your home.

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Check out the information on how to rid your own water of poisons with a good water filtering system. Top 5 Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride • (2022 Reviews) (alkalinewatermachinesource.com)

Stay awake and call them all out. We were already being poisoned before COVID! The truth shall set you free.

Meanwhile we also have God’s way of doing things, and that is in our love and words we say to ourselves and to others. Our bodies are largely made up of water. Water responds to love and positive affirmations just like our very soul responds to love.

The Lord is living water!

Out of the mouth of babes… or shall we say, a child shall lead them?

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


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