Watch the water…And More Intel

Watch the water (Below Articles Are Translated Sorry For Misspellings!

Catastrophic flooding in China has destroyed two dams, and a third is about to burst. China’s military says the Yihetan Dam near the $7 million city of Luoyang could collapse at any time. Watch the water.

The black market for fake vaccination passports in France – the resemblance to Nazi Germany cannot be overlooked.

This is an example of pure evil. The American Academy of Pediatrics forces children over the age of two to wear face masks in schools and kindergartens even when they are vaccinated. Fight against the protection of these innocent children.


Senator Rand Paul destroyed Fauci at this hearing. Fauci’s double is nothing like the original one, which had blue eyes, a wide nose, and a round, wrinkled smiling face.

FEMA will conduct a nationwide emergency warning system test on August 11 — just two days before President Trump’s alleged inauguration on August 13. Interesting.

QAnon76 with a great summary of the overall image. Goodbye, Deep State.

We are in the midst of another paradigm shift.

* US election audits come to light (Trump won)

* Uprising in the UK (make an understeer for Boris)

* Uprising in France (ViveLeFrance)

Meanwhile, markets are collapsing.

Stocks, cryptocurrencies and metals are falling.

They’re losing control.

Wise advice from Pepe Lives Matter.

I found that the best way to go through a difficult period is to do it day by day and step by step. There’s no need to think about it too much. Just move on. No period lasts forever. The light at the end of the tunnel will come.

It’s raining again. The Anons discuss the similarity to Noah’s Ark and today’s massive global floods. Notice how talking DS heads awkwardly blame everything on “global warming.” Every day that this madness continues, more and more people question the DS’s narrative. Protests will grow and spread from country to country. We humans have had enough.

This long article is worth reading. Excellent basic information about the DS program to enslave mankind.

If you don’t have time and want to know the answer to the question: “Why did President Trump seem to support vaccines?”, go to the last part.

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Biden – Boom

The Alliance has everything under full control. Listen to what their puppet Biden said today.

“The idea that democrats or Biden are hiding people and sucking the blood of children, no, I mean it, that’s… Now you don’t have to like me, and it’s your right.”

Another sample from the same lecture. Biden ADMITS that world leaders know that the US is in big trouble.

Here he is again. For this single disinformation statement, it should be immediately banished from all social media.

“If you get vaccinated, you won’t get COVID.”

Look at the New South Wales Health Minister in full Gestapo glamour. Watch from 1:45 a.m. Fight, Australians! Don’t let this disgusting woman overpower you.

Q (The Storm Rider). I agree – it’s going to get worse than it’s going to get better. However, I feel it will be a short period of pain, not a protracted one. Then we will quickly see peace and prosperity restored.

No embellishment.

Just real information to prepare you.

Climate change = floods, deaths, chaos, earthquake, tsunami, devastation, killing of plants (food), disruption of shipping, highways, roads, airports.

Climate change = to cover up the world’s elites, societies, and governments, all of which are connected to a biological weapon – the virus. The vaccine against the biological weapon is being uncovered, pedophilia, human trafficking, corruption. Weather-control weapons are used to create confusion, chaos, and fear in many countries to keep up the narrative of the pandemic and now the CLIMATE CHANGE pandemic. (note: as Tom wrote, their own air conditioner will use the alliance against them)

There are tens of thousands of posts and Q pages on Telegram that encourage and inform non-stop. My site isn’t one of them. I’ve been straight with you, and I’m passing it on. And I’m going to say it again. pain. It’s right here. And it’s growing! A LOSS OF HOPE. YOU NEED TO GET READY. FOOD, WATER AND SUPPLIES.

And put on your spiritual armor.


The darkest is always before dawn.

DS card – Climate change. It’s a dangerous card. Earthquakes, floods, destroyed plants are to blame. This is the cause of climate change – storytelling control.

Other cards: take control of all internet servers around the world in all countries, deplatform/disable the Great Awakening movement and ALL who go against DS narrative.

You should all have known it was coming. pain. pain. pain.

Those who truly understand the PLAN know that all this should have happened.

I like this meme – it’s apt.

Get to know the facts before vaccination:

32 deaths from swine flu vaccines in 1976 halted the program.

Typically, more than 50 deaths stop vaccination in the U.S.

So far, 10,991 people have died after being given the COVID vaccine in the US only.

My friend Emma notices a rapid increase in the number of “awakened” people on Facebook. She also notes that angry “sleepers” who argue in her posts are no longer as persistent in their outbursts as they used to be. They’re giving up almost immediately.

It is important to beware of these trends – they remind us that the Light has already prevailed. We’re watching the last act of the show, which takes place on the world stage for everyone to see.

Where We go One We Go All.

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Relentless Truth:

Dear friends of the Patriots.

Humanity is at a crossroads. Whether you see it or not, we all feel it. How can anyone deny that we are currently experiencing a worldwide awakening in which we are aware of the presence of evil and heinous corruption? “Red Pill” is an interesting term. There is not necessarily the right dosage, but when it gets into your system, life changes forever. We all know the moment. You come across a rabbit hole and feel like you’ve entered the twilight zone.

“This can’t be true…”

For hours you fall hopelessly into the abyss, and all the way down, your hitherto cozy reality is spled into millions of pieces. As you fall, the feeling of nausea slowly passes into indignation. Once you are at the bottom, you will come to the inevitable conclusion that you have no choice but to collect the broken pieces and mold them into armor so that you and your fellow soldiers can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and now embark on a journey of enlightenment for your family and friends.

Darkness has shrouded this planet for too long. If you have broken the matrix, a higher power has called on you to spread light. You may not fully realize how terrible the situation really is, but you know that something is terribly wrong and that you will never see the same world again.

There is a multi-level war going on, half digital and half spiritual, involving every person on the planet, and yet the vast majority of humanity could never have imagined such a concept. It’s frustrating, but no one escapes this moment. That’s a promise I’m willing to make.

I know you’re tired. You can see that Resident Biden is a puppet of Obama, as his vetchy and thoughtless body is used as the shadow cabinet’s output speaker. You may feel that Trump may have prevented this. But I will always say that no matter how hard it may be, it had to be. Our population was severely brainwashed and our country was heavily infiltrated. Operation of the Century was the ONLY way to kill both flies with one stone and make sure we never experienced it again. Not all psychological operations are carried out with tading.

If you consider the possibility that we are taking part in the most complex military exercise in history, the entire Biden administration will begin to make perfect sense. For the first time in history, are we witnessing the panomatic actions of globalists and corrupt politicians? Or are we watching the systematic destruction of the old guard?

Do you really think it’s a coincidence that every conceivable problem that mankind could realistically face is currently taking place in a chaotic global crescede of spiritual enlightenment that simultaneously exposes every single loophole of evil and awakens hundreds of millions of people?

This is it, folks. The window is open. This is our moment. We’ve been holding back too long. It’s time for us to flourish as we were meant to.

Believe. Stay alert.

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