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WHO IS CIRSTEN W? A SingaporeanMerican Conservative Capitalist Daughter of a father who is the Chairman of Singapore Stock Ex and CDL hotel chain, Daughter of mother who is a lawyer in charge of land and titles.

My views, like my parents views, are very Conservative, coming from a country with no crime, no illegals and a $500 fine and up for Littering.

Law and Order reign and the 3rd Largest Port and Banking Capital of the World.

My foray into modeling and acting helped forge more logic into who is really in control of entertainment – the Council of Foreign Relations?

I have done 2 National TV Shows, one on USA Network and one as a Co-Host with Laura Loomer on Fox Radio.

Being a 2nd Generation Seventh Day Adventist, like Dr Ben Carson, I am very pragmatic.

The Goal is to Educate and Enlighten all to the Truth and Love of God which bring Freedom,Faith and Peace.

Always moving Forward with the help of the Holy Spirit…

Sundays with Scott McKay #Vaccines #Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca #BloodClots

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