War-Like Posture Activated: Big Corp Titans Exiting, What’s Coming?

War-Like Posture Activated!
The Deep State and MSM are doing exactly what the patriots want. They are now reversing everything Trump has done and while they are doing this they are red-pilling millions of Americans. The Deep State Corrupt Politicians just opened the front door. Think Space Force and the impeachment trial. In their impeachment document they have brought in election fraud, Trump has the ability to counter the statement they made.

Well heck, he’s spent the last 4 years defending himself from the muck of the DS! He deserves to have 2 full terms. But remember, the 22nd amendment did not occur until FDR’s last term. So if we look at where we are set back to, there are no term limits to the constitution.

Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #43: Big Corp Titans Exiting, What’s Coming?
Jeff Bezos stepping down, Elon Musk announcing leaving Twitter, what else is coming into focus as Cabal powers recede at increasing rate?

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