Voters Are Going To Throw the Democrats Out of Power

Conrad Black, Because the Biden administration entered office determined to do everything differently from the previous administration, its major policies have become tangled knots of self-contradiction.

Since the Democratic Party had so heavily invested in the evil of Russia and President Trump’s supposed coziness with the Kremlin, (a complete and defamatory fiction), it was peculiar and absurd that Russia was invited to act as the intermediary of the United States in the new administration’s poorly thought out ambition to put the nuclear arms deferral agreement with Iran, back together. This was a bad idea in all respects as that agreement was one of the most disadvantageous international agreements ever made by the United States, and along with Obamacare and the Green Terror, was the principal heritage of the Obama era.

In exchange for the release of over $100 billion of Iranian assets that had been frozen and the drastic reduction of seriously inconvenient sanctions on Iran, that country would defer development and deployment of nuclear-tipped intermediate and long-range missiles for ten years, more than seven of which have now elapsed. Once Russia invaded Ukraine and the Biden administration correctly determined to assist Ukraine in its defense, (after discovering the inaccuracy of Joint Chiefs’ Chairman General Mark Milley’s prediction that Russia would overwhelm Ukraine within two weeks), the continued role of Russia as a representative of American interests opposite Iran was outrageous.

As summer ended and President Biden stared down the barrel of a 20 percent deficit in his approval ratings, the Democratic strategists reached for the only partially successful election argument they have had for the past eight years: mudslinging, and especially the pseudo-prosecutorial mudslinging of Donald Trump, which produced the farce of the intrusion and occupation at the former president’s home in Palm Beach. This vigorously jostled the hornets’ nest and America was reminded that when Trump was actively involved in public life, his opponents attacks and his responses, amplified by the anti-Trump media reminded the voters of the chaos that accompanies the Trump phenomenon: swamp-dwellers don’t want the swamp drained. This cut Biden’s disapproval deficit approximately in half, but Trump’s counsel achieved the tactical victory of shutting the nonsense down by pushing it onto a special master. Normal criteria for electoral preferences returned and in October, the Democratic ship returned to sinking mode.

Biden wants to campaign, in his desultory and malapropistic fashion, but most Democratic candidates don’t want him; they want Obama. But Obama doesn’t want to campaign, presumably because he does not wish to be identified with the impending disaster. But he did manage a few ventilations of the worm-eaten fraud that the Republicans are a threat to democracy. The Democrats oppose the verification of ballots and have become helplessly addicted to ballot harvesting and their ubiquitous partisans in the media and academia revile any dissent from the great woke liberal death wish as Fascism. Confused though many of them are, the people know better.

The administration passionately believes that America should permit anyone in the world, no matter how incapable of contributing usefully to America, or even steeped in criminality or drug addiction, should be admitted to the country, but not openly as a matter of declared policy, but rather in a defiant flood of illegal migrants swarming across the southern border to the background noise of the nodding idiot of a Homeland Security secretary, repeating the Goebbels-like mantra: “The border is closed.” Hypocritical northern Democratic mayors professing to lead sanctuary cities, proclaim emergencies in their metropolitan areas of many millions of people when southern governors send them one tenth of the number of illegal migrants who arrive in the modest sized city of El Paso, Texas, every day. The regime is calling for volunteers in the defense Department to come to the border to assist in providing clothing, counseling, and other assistance to illegal migrants. The function of that department is the defense of the country, and particularly its borders, not social assistance for those who enter the country illegally. It is reminiscent of then senator Kamala Harris’ question to General James Mattis at his confirmation hearing as Defense secretary in 2016 of what, under his leadership, would be the Pentagon’s policy toward global warming. A gentlemanly officer, Mattis resisted the temptation to reply that it was something like the U.S. Senate’s view of goldfish.

Oil: the administration has declared war on the American oil and gas industry, has reduced production by 3 million barrels a day and squandered the status of an oil-self-sufficient country that Trump had gained for it for the first time since the Truman presidency. This resumption of dependence on foreign oil has caused a rise in the price of oil that has largely financed the Russian invasion of Ukraine that the United States has rightly contributed tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine to resist. Energy Czar John Kerry, in perhaps the most fatuous foreign secular pilgrimage since Jane Fonda’s visit to Hanoi, has gone to Beijing to beg the lords of the Middle Kingdom to reduce carbon emissions. Having condemned the house of Saud as moral pariahs, Biden made his own pilgrimage there to request that they reduce their own profits by raising production to assist the United States, despite its ungenerous references to the Saudi leaders. Quite commendably, they reduced production instead, causing the vacuous spokes-nincompoops of the administration to imply that the United States might humble itself next before the squalid Marxist dictatorship of Venezuela, while punishing the Saudi’s by refusing to sell them military equipment. This powerful retaliation would transfer $100 billion of revenue for the defense production industries of the U.S. to other suppliers, probably led by America’s true friends in the Kremlin and the inner-city of Beijing.

This is a stupefyingly incompetent administration with no possible precedent since President Buchanan sat pitifully in the White House as the southern states seceded from the Union. Only about a third of Americans seem to approve of the regime and that is a levitation as perilous as the flight of the airship Hindenburg, and only explicable by the rabid partisanship and substantial ethical bankruptcy of most of the national political media. It is all the distracted nonsense of a self-destroying society. The thought that is clearly rising in the American national mind and can only become more irresistible as the days of election approach and pass, is to throw them out, while they still can, throw them all out, bag and baggage, foot, horse and guns.

Conrad Black is a Contributing Editor of the New York Sun.

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