Voter Leaning Toward Trump over media ignoring Hunter Biden story

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C-SPAN caller implies he’s ‘leaning’ toward voting Trump over media ignoring Hunter Biden story!

‘You know what Americans don’t like? They don’t liked a rigged deck,’ Jimmy from Maine told ‘Washington Journal’

A C-SPAN caller strongly suggested Friday that he is “leaning” toward voting for President Trump due to the lack of mainstream media coverage of the growing Hunter Biden controversy.

“Washington Journal” host Pedro Echevarria accepted a call from an “undecided” voter named Jimmy in Maine, who began by saying he liked Joe Biden on “medical” issues, but preferred Trump on “the economy and foreign policy.”

Jimmy then pivoted to the issues surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he said was “dividing” his own family. He noted that the lack of mainstream media coverage of the pre-debate news conference given by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski.

“I watched all the stations. I did MSNBC, watch you guys, I watch Fox, I watch everybody, just trying to get a little piece of everything,” Jimmy said. “Nobody but Fox was carrying this guy … that was his [Hunter Biden’s] partner.

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“And I thought to myself, ‘Well, they’ll cover it the next day …’ You know what Americans don’t like, Pedro? They don’t like a rigged deck. This might be the Achilles’ Heel of Joe Biden.”

When Echevarria acknowledged that outlets like Fox News and The Wall Street Journal have “picked up the story” ever since the New York Post ran its first reports on the emails that allegedly came from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Jimmy pushed back, saying “Yeah, but that’s it!”

“I mean, you’ve got ABC, NBC, CBS, these are the major networks and I’ve watched them this morning and I’m looking for it and I’m looking for it, and nobody is paying attention to this!” Jimmy exclaimed. “I went in leaning toward Joe Biden, I’m really leaning toward Donald Trump right now.”

Jimmy went on to mock Biden’s “Joe from Pennsylvania” persona and knocked the former vice president for his flip-flops on fracking.

“He said by, like 2025, we’re going to be independent of oil?” he asked rhetorically. “That’s impossible!”

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