Voter Integrity Project Releases Evidence

The ‘Voter Integrity Project’ announced their results related to election fraud in the 2020 election yesterday.  Their work, along with statistical analysis of reporting and affidavits related to the voter fraud, provides enough information to overturn the election in many states across the nation.

Matt Braynard shared the ‘Voter Integrity Project’ team’s results yesterday.

Here is the video in the tweet where Matt discusses the results:


Their work is enough to call into question the winner of the Presidential race in at least four states:

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Rudy Giuliani and the Trump team have obtained a tremendous amount of information through affidavits related to the voter fraud around the country. This work appears to be enough alone to receive a judgement in President Trump’s favor in the courts in many states.

Combine all this work with our observations related to the impossible ballot patterns in the current results across the nation involving millions of votes.

The Democrats’ efforts to dump hundreds of thousands of Biden votes in the early morning after the election and then set nearly every vote tally after these dumps to a fixed ratio of Trump to Biden votes, where Biden receives the same percent more than Trump, is impossible.  There is no way every state would receive these same gigantic amount of votes at around the same time and then more suspicious set the remaining vote tallies at the same percentage of Biden to Trump votes:

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