VIDEO: This Black Minister Will Get Lots of Hate After Explaining the REAL Problem Behind Riots

After last year’s race riots in Ferguson, Mo., ended with a large portion of the small city burned to the ground by thugs who believed Michael Brown was innocent of any wrongdoing, a fiery black minister came forward and set himself apart from the crowd by telling America where the real problem lay.

Minister Johnathan Gentry of West Angeles Church of God in Christ released a video last August in which he shouted to black America that the problem wasn’t law enforcement, but the homes of black youth that often lack any guidance from parents.

He recently told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, in response to the latest round of race rioting, that this is not a racial issue, saying that “This is a sin problem.”


 Gentry pleaded with the black community to stop blaming everyone else for their problems, saying that the only change that’s needed is citizens changing themselves into something better.

It’s clear that the outspoken minister felt that the black youth responsible for the violence and looting were acting out due to a lack of God in the home.

Gentry explained to Cavuto that he’s not popular in the black community because he faces black issues head-on and doesn’t create excuses and justifications for their behavior every time a black man dies at the hands of police officers doing their jobs.

“That’s why a lot of people don’t like me, Neil, because I don’t cater to your ignorance. Enough of this foolishness,” Gentry said.

A clear example of this was when Toya Graham, mother to one of the high school thugs who were attacking police with rocks in Baltimore, showed up to the scene and literally smacked sense into her son, taking him away from the riots. 

 If more parents in Baltimore would have reacted in a similar fashion, it’s doubtful that buildings would have been burned down and scores of police officers injured. (H/T Mad World News)

These kids need guidance, which can be found in the pages of the Bible — but they also need their parents to place them on the right track.

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