VIDEO: Racist Black Punk Starts Harassing Whites, Then BIG Surprise Flies in Out of Nowhere

 Note to aspiring black militants: if you’re getting beaten up by hipsters, that’s probably a sign you’re not good candidates to start a race war.

That’s what happened in New York City’s Union Square, where members of a violent offshoot of the Nation of Islam were harassing a group of white hipsters, because apparently #blacklivesmatter or whatever.

One of the older protesters with the Five-Percent Nation warned one of the hipsters, “Don’t start your bulls*** …  don’t do it, I will turn this motherf***** upside (down).”

The member of the Five-Percent Nation — who called himself “King” — asked the pink-haired hipster, “Where’s your man at? I’ll get him first. Straight up, I don’t give a f*** … I’m a thug, I’m from Brooklyn!” (Wait, I thought that word was racist! Where’s Melissa Harris-Perry when you need her?)


 As “King” continued to menace the hipsters, threatening them with a beating, one of the hipsters jumped in out of nowhere to scare him away. After a short confrontation, “King” raised his cane and started backpedaling.

In the end, “King” managed to get absolutely no one, but his mouth was still running at lightning speed.

“I didn’t hit nobody, you lying motherf*****! You a liar!” he said to the hipster. “You’re a dead man — I promise you!”

One of the members of the Five-Percent Nation then stepped in, but not because he realized things were getting out of hand. “That’s why I stopped him, because this motherf***** should be bowing to him,” the man said.

“Bowing? … Did this guy just say racist s*** here … he should be bowing to him because he’s black?” the man behind the camera asked.

“And just so y’all know, all of y’all time is coming, you’re all gonna die,” the man said in response. When asked who “y’all” is, he responded, “All of you people, and all of your derivatives, all of the people who love you.”

“You talking about white people?” the cameraman asked.

“Yeah,” the Five-Percent Nation member responded (H/T WZ).

Charming. Of course, I wouldn’t put too much stock in a militant group that was scared off by a group of Ariel Pink-lookalikes.

Needless to say, this racist incident hasn’t been reported in the mainstream media. Maybe Eric Holder was right — we really are a nation of cowards when it comes to race. Just not the way he intended.

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