Video of Patel Patriot’s Devolution – Part 10

Patel Patriot, The Silent War, I need to warn you that this is far and away my longest article to date. I feel like there are parts of this article in which I easily could have elaborated further but for brevity sake I did not.

I could have broken this article up into two or even three parts but I truly felt it was important to make this one article because it all ties together. By the end of this article I believe you will understand exactly why the situation in Afghanistan is unfolding the way it is, what role Trump has in it, and that we are truly on the precipice of taking back our country.

The political establishment has come to the end of their road. Trump and the military are playing them like fiddles at every turn. The final chapter of the political establishment has culminated with Joe Biden as a fake “president,” red-pilling America with his every move. We are rapidly approaching the climax of this war. We are on the precipice of a new era in American history. An era inspired by the principles our founding fathers had hoped, fought, and died for.

In a 2020 speech, Trump said:

“To grow up in America is to live in a land where anything is possible, where anyone can rise, and where any dream can come true — all because of the immortal principles our nation’s founders inscribed nearly two and a half centuries ago.

We are here today to declare that we will never submit to tyranny. We will reclaim our history and our country for citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed.

America’s founding set in motion the unstoppable chain of events that abolished slavery, secured civil rights, defeated communism and fascism, and built the most fair, equal, and prosperous nation in human history.

We will save this cherished inheritance for our children, for their children, and for every generation to come.”

When President Trump says this, he truly means it.

THE BEST IS YET TO COME Watch in full below: