VIDEO: Black Reverend Makes Chilling Revelation About Obama’s Real Plan for the Baltimore Riots

 Some might find this theory crazy, while some might find it chilling, but according to black Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, President Barack Hussein Obama wants the riots in Baltimore not only to continue, but to spread.

Obama wants to fundamentally transform the nation, he postulated, and to do that, he must first foment dissent and anarchy.

“If he can keep these blacks angry and under his control by stroking them, they’re going to bring the chaos,” Peterson told Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg.

He added, “And once the chaos comes, then Barack Obama, as he said in his speech, he can federalize the police departments around the country so that he can redistribute the power and wealth.”


 Obama basically wants the country to break down so that he can swoop in with his pen and phone and bring about all the change that he desires, or so Peterson alleged.

“He pulling their strings by stroking their egos and making them feel good about being wrong for his own personal gain,” he said (H/T Right Wing Watch). 

And this is why America is slowly being turned into a “criminal-friendly nation,” host Steve Malzberg added.

Propping up criminals leads to more crime, lawlessness and anarchy, all of which benefit Obama.

This theory is far-fetched, but there is no denying that liberals like Obama seem to care more about the fate of criminals than they do about law-abiding Americans.

We’ve always blamed this on liberals just being naive and misguided, but what if Peterson is right and there’s more to it?

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