Victory in CA-25: Leaving Katie Hill’s Former Seat Red

California Democrat Christy Smith conceded to GOP Congressman Mike Garcia for the second-time on Monday night, after the contentious congressional race’s result became clear. Smith and Garcia previously competed in a special election last spring, to fill the seat vacated by disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned in light of a sex scandal. Garcia upset Smith to flip the seat from blue-to-red ahead of the general election.

An official call from the Associated Press has not yet been made in California’s 25th congressional district, but Smith told supporters that her path to victory is no longer viable.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said that Garcia, a Navy fighter pilot, “epitomizes the American dream.”

This victory makes one thing official: no Republican incumbents lost their congressional elections. As congressional election results continue to come in, the GOP keeps defying the odds of pollsters and pundits. Projections insisted that House Democrats would expand their majority, but Republicans managed to flip at least 14 seats. Speaker Pelosi is on track to hold the slimmest majority since World War II.

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