Vaxxed Induced Aids, Biotech Analyst: HIV Glycoprotein 120 Contained in Vaxx

Aids? Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters to discuss a possible HIV Glycoprotein found within the Covid 19 bioweapon.

Microscopic Analysis of COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Reveals a Highly Sophisticated Bioweapon

• Graphene Oxide is a Covert and Stealthy Delivery System
• Graphene Hydroxide is a Razor Blade Slicing Through RBCs
• Synthetic Parasites Integrated with AI are Self-Replicating
• Spike Proteins May Actually Be Parasite Eggs
• RBC Rouleaux Formation Modulated by 5G and WiFi
• Hydrogels Contain Quantum Dots and Nanites

• Chemtrail Aerosols Contain Graphene (and Parasites?)
• Theragripper Implanted via PCR Test Cotton Swab

Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Contains 99% Graphene Oxide After Electron Microscope Analysis Not only does graphene affect the blood (clotting & causing RBCs* to rouleaux formation), it is a delivery system;

graphene oxide is a carrier… like an envelope carries a letter… when the envelope reaches its destination (meets the condition to be opened) it gets opened. The reason the vaccines had to be stored at low temperatures is…when the graphene senses heat (like inside the body) it starts releasing what it carried.
What is in These COVID Vaccines – and other News podcasts

*RBC = Red Blood Cells

Attached is a pdf file of the patent & some pictures from my microscope:

PDF: US11107588

From looking at things on my microscope (see photos below)… it appears as if what people think are “spike proteins” are really parasite eggs…

graphene can release the eggs, but also grown parasites can release the eggs… attached are a couple of my pictures… I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

I also think these are synthetic parasites (laboratory-made)… so it’s not quite so easy to get rid of them. Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug… this is why even in the beginning some people were saying that Ivermectin helped someone get over Covid-19.

“Parasites are integrated with artificial intelligence & self-assembling”

I think the parasites are integrated with artificial intelligence & self-assembling — they keep coming back. I believe I got the hydrogel & quantum dots via swab for the PCR test… I made some pine needle tea and found sediment in the bottom of the white cup (see photos that follow), so I put it on the microscope too, and it was filled with graphene particles and parasites (simmering tea = heat).

Initially, I was only looking in my blood on my microscope to see if I could tell why I was so fatigued all the time. When I saw the rouleaux formation of the RBCs, I realized if the RBCs are stacking like that, rather than separated and flowing freely which they need to do in order to carry the oxygen (O2 = energy) that could explain some of the fatigue. Trying to research reasons – I found something that talked about a positive charge causing it. I think 5G, WiFi, cellphone EMFs could be part of the equation*, but just felt there was more… looking more, I found the parasites and what appears to be graphene. Then I thought… hey, maybe something is in my mucus to explain the constant Tinnitus.

*I think the RBCs stacking also has something to do with the charge of the graphene and/or 5G, WiFi, smartphone EMFs, microwave radiation.

So kill all the parasites, but do you have any idea how to get rid of the hydrogel, quantum dot, and graphene in the blood? I’ve also been having pain around my heart and believe it’s due to the graphene.

Graphene Hydroxide

Because graphene is so thin (one molecule layer & very hard) – not only does it act as a delivery mechanism, but as it flows through the blood, it also acts like a razor blade slicing up some RBCs – then the body recognizes bleeding & responds by clotting (I know this from being a nurse). The doctor who pointed this out (cutting of the RBCs) – they’re saying he was murdered – from what his wife said it sounds like he was hit with a DEW. Have you heard of the athletes dropping while playing? They’re playing hard, so their blood is pumping faster /flowing faster = more RBCs being cut = more clotting. Makes sense.

Do you want the picture of the parasite spewing the spike proteins/parasite eggs? I think it looks like the eggs are trailing alongside as it moved. I’m attaching it.

If you saw all of the pictures I have taken from my microscope, you’d be amazed… and probably sickened.

I did not get the Covid-19 vaccine. I had one PCR test in April 2020 and left in tears it hurt so bad. Not long afterward I felt like hard energy hit me upside my head and had frequent headaches and constant ringing in my ears (Tinnitus) — now over 1 1/2 years later, the headaches aren’t as frequent, but radiate from my left sinus… but the Tinnitus has never stopped. I was 57 at the time, and never had Tinnitus before that, and very seldom had headaches, with no history of any allergies. I feel like they may have implanted a “Theragripper” (created by John Hopkins University)

If the Theragripper wasn’t implanted, then it could be on the swabs may also have hydrogel with the quantum dot/nanites in it. The hydrogel crystallization & dots (black circles) I found in my nasal mucus or mucus from the back of my throat. It seems the graphene and parasites and spike proteins/eggs are in my blood.


The preceding two emails and photographs were submitted by a very smart RN in Michigan.  Her COVID-19 super sleuthing has certainly broken new ground.  Therefore, this vital Covid material and evidence should be disseminated far and wide so that other medical investigators and scientific researchers can further advance these lines of inquiry.  The strong hypotheses presented above are simply too compelling to ignore or overlook.  And, the consequences of not understanding the true perils associated with both the COVID-19 bioweapon and weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ are simply too great not to respond to with all deliberate speed.