Vaccine on ‘pause’ despite the world NEEDING to move past COVID-19

Federal drug safety regulators say the U.S. should ‘pause’ use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID 19 vaccine after six women experienced a rare blood clot one to two weeks after the injection…but Glenn says you’re 2000 TIMES more likely to suffer a blood clot from birth control pills.

So, why pause it now?! Especially when, Glenn says, the world NEEDS to move past COVID 19.

In addition to the fatalities, this virus has decimated economies around the world…people are jobless, industries have been destroyed, and because of all the economic turmoil…immigrants are flooding our borders looking for a better life.

The world needs to move past this pandemic, and halting a vaccine that’s safe the vast majority of the time may not be the answer….

Lionel – “Recalled Vaccines: See?”