Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale and a New Luc Montagnier Video

The More They “Vaccinate,” The More People Die. Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale.

Insiders came forward with internal company documents detailing a plan to curb “vaccine hesitancy.”
Whistleblower says company uses a tier system to determine how a comment should be censored or buried.


The latest in the global response to the COVID plandemic, including bribing kids with free ice cream if they take the vaccine. The team also looks at a recent interview w Nobel Prize winner AIDS pioneer Luc Montagnier, who passionately argues that the RNA vaccine is creating mutant variants meant to produce extreme symptoms and death.

The mRNA shots are still experimental. You need to look at the mRNA research in animal trials from years past to understand the risk of death and also study soft kill bio weapon research.

These mRNA shots could never make it past the animal trials in the past because mRNA spike proteins mainly caused cancers and also made the subjects more susceptible to death when re-exposed to the live virus, as well as causing infertility issues, spontaneous miscarriages and autoimmune responses (just to name a few). It was the waiver by the FDA to allow emergency use authorization that allowed humans to be injected for the current Covid jab.

The waiver was accomplished due to banning known therapeutics like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. You can only approve a vaccine for emergency use authorization if there are no known therapeutics to treat the ailment. This allowed big pharma to bypass the failing animal trials and go straight into humans; hence the reasoning behind the suppression of the use of these therapeutics to help treat Covid. Many died needlessly of Covid by keeping these drugs from being prescribed so that these shots could be allowed to be injected into human test subjects; (mainly for research purposes, profit, and depopulation goals).

Read Here And Watch the Video:

Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier contends that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

These deaths from the current “vaccines” will happen to most people slowly over the next decade due health complications from spike protein reproduction from the mRNA shots. Each booster shot will enhance and quicken the onset of death and create infertility. Most people who received these shots will not live to be as old as our grandparents. It won’t look the same for everyone since everyone’s health is individuality unique. Death will be depend on individual life style choices, health history of underlying conditions, and so forth.

These are referred to in the bio warfare industry as soft kill bio weapons because they take time for the onset of death to surface, they manifest based on individual differences, and are designed to use plausible deniability. Designing these types of killing systems allows the perps to get away with the crime and profit while doing it. We are already seeing an uptick in deaths from the shots in individuals that were unable to tolerate the jab right off the bat, due to their unique individual status of health but it’s not enough for the majority to visually see.

Hence the current death uptick in the VAERS database system; however, the rest of the deaths will manifest more slowly. It’s bio warfare 101. You don’t want the subjects to know they are being killed, or that it was shot that killed them; therefore, it will look like cancer, autoimmune disorders, heart problems, allergies, and other underlying health conditions, so as to rule out the shot as being the culprit.

French virologist and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier claims that “it is vaccination that causes the variants” of the alleged COVID. Furthermore, he warns that as vaccinations increase, so do deaths. Is it possible we are going to see far more people die from the experimental COVID injections than died from the alleged COVID?

New Luc Montagnier Video

It allows the industry to profit off the onset of health complications before death occurs. The perfect kill shot. Again study the mRNA animal trials in years past and study the term “soft kill” in bio weapon departments and you will see exactly how these spike proteins can kill and why they were designed in this manner. If everyone dropped dead within a close time frame, all at once, from the same way, it would become extremely obvious. Remember plausible deniability is key; otherwise, people would revolt in mass.