Vaccination is a controlled murder, Deep State and the CIA, Trump and Linwood

carsten, News Shorts Today! Greetings to all The Matrix seems to be ramping up the world more forcefully than ever. Today, stronger and even more thoroughly.

It intervenes where it appears to be in great danger. I’ve been programmed with quite an interesting plot. I’ll admit, I wasn’t ready for something like this.

I can write: The story started with very bad news for me and the whole family. On the other hand, this bad event has turned out to be a very constructive storyline for me and my family. I’m not going to go into details.

Let’s start with a message that will please you all. Thomas sent me instructions from Russia on how to defend against spike proteins. It is a tried and tested method tested in Russia. I don’t know if I’m going to put it in the article right now. You’re asking for what reason? It is possible that, when describing the whole manual, they could prohibit the sale of one of the products needed for protection. As was the case with hydrogen peroxide across the EU.

Vaccination is a controlled murder

I have a girlfriend who’s a nutrition microscopy. She’s an expert in her field.

She had many patients who had undergone so-called vaccinations and asked them all to participate in a free post-vaccination analysis.

To her horror, she found this: The image above shows completely normal, intact and healthy cells before vaccination. The change in cells after vaccination manifested itself drastically within a few days of vaccination!

The last image shows alien, not endogenous, nanoparticles that suddenly become visible in the blood! The body can never detoxify from it, and these particles eventually find their way into every cell in the body!

My girlfriend cries over this analysis because she understands something about blood and how it works…

The effects and long-term consequences of this injection of the vaccine will affect the health of those vaccinated for the rest of their lives!

I’d write everything down tomorrow,  We would probably send you regular readers and those interested in the tutorial. If necessary, they have formed a password-lined window if possible. I’ll consult.

On motorways and ordinary roads in Switzerland, I often see (the last few days) American military vehicles with SHAEF inscriptions. It’s a sign that something’s going on here, too. I’m sure you’ve read that the headquarters of the Deep State and the CIA were here under a lake in Switzerland.

Transport, maybe from the sea. Also using underground fast tunnels.

I have a message from Tom that a large part of the Eastern army is on Poland’s border with Germany. Take it as needed.

Ass-sharp readers have noticed very opposing reports in various media outlets.

Even on the alternative. The fight is being led at all levels. However, I would like to point out a very misleading film that perhaps deliberately casts a bad light on some beings who certainly do not deserve it.

We know that’s not the case. It is necessary to be able to evaluate everything correctly.

It is necessary to use the brain and your own thinking. I therefore warn against X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion.

Lin Wood shared an article:

“Bill Gates is being chased to provide Ghislaine Maxwell’s
investigators with evidence of Epstein”

And he comments:

“In my opinion, it’s not going to end well for Bill “Dr. Depopulation” Gates.
And it shouldn’t.

P.S. Did anyone in the media ever find out (“government watchdog” – Ha!) who was the “John Roberts” whose
name appears in two flight records of Epstein’s private plane?…”

The incumbent chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party was re-elected, and President Trump, when he congratulated Drew McKissick, complimented Lin, his running mate.

Lin responds:

“President Trump is a genius. He plays chess at a level we’ll never fully understand.

“I was honored by his description of me as a “strong and talented” adversary. After further reflection, I understood his support for my opponent Drew McKissick.

My faith in President Trump has never wavered. He’s doing God’s will for our country.

I support President Trump 100%.

P.S. SCGOP is a swamp. In time, RINOS (Republicans by name only) will be defeated. Watch it happen.”

***** ****
The day before, General Flynn
endorsed Lin via Telegram:

***** ****
Last night, Flynn wrote:

Take the time to read this article (note partially quoted from the article):

“If you are [a global elitist], you are trying to sell your vision of global Utopia through the Great Reset of the World Order in three simple steps:

1. Announce your intention to redesign every aspect of society through global governance and keep repeating this message.

2. When you don’t get away with your message, it simulates fake pandemic scenarios that show why the world needs a big reset.

3. If the false pandemic scenarios are not convincing enough, wait a few months
for the real global crisis to occur, and repeat the first step”

article: Timeline of the “Great
Reset” agenda

***** **** ***** ****

Some anons began to question Lin’s existence. Lin promises to be real – no masks, no doubles, no plastic surgery, no clones, no fake (deep fake) videos, no photoshopped images!!! – and adds photos from younger years
in subsequent posts.

***** ****
GhostEzra pointed to a photo of Lin with President Trump, which Lin shared again, saying:

Okay, okay. One more.
One of my favorites ever. March 11, 2020.
I guarantee you that our President Donald J. Trump knows the difference between REAL and FALSE.

Ghost comments on the photo: “There’s so much going on here.”

(there are strange objects on the reflection in the glass of the Oval Office. At first glance, it evokes things from Hindu mythology – a trident and a carriage. How does it look to you?)

***** **** ***** ****

Video platform Vimeo has banned MyPillow boss Mike Lindell.

And President Trump wants to launch
his own social network

Trump’s Independence Day! Former president hopes to launch his own social media platform on July 4, six months after he was kicked off Twitter and Facebook

  • Trump has been in talks for months to return to social media since being banned in January
  • Next month marks a new phase in his political comeback with two rallies
  • His team is aiming to make a social media announcement on the Fourth of July  
  • Possible platforms include CloutHub and FreeSpace
  • ‘I look forward to making people very happy,’ he said in a new interview 
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