Speaking About News

USA Inc. Bankrupt Docs! We are witnessing History! The GREATNESS Plan!

USA Inc. President Trump and his Administration will now work tirelessly and outside of the public view for the next few weeks for the USA Republic.  They need this uninterrupted time to roll out the Greatness plan.  The distractions from the media, liberals, TDS’ers would interfere with the GREATNESS plan.  They need this time to remain so focused!

Rally up his team of loyalists to roll out the beautiful new Republic America!  Remember, President Trump still has possession of the football and he never conceded!

1776 Comms! Inaugurate a fake person for fake role?


Oval Office has no parking lot….so where is Biden signing from?
Speaking About News

Biden was snubbed by most of the Military in his motorcade


Proof Nancy Pelosi has been arrested by Federal Agents!


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