Update: Woman shot, killed after opening fire on cops from back seat of police cruiser

 A woman detained in the back seat of an Atlanta police cruiser was killed after she exchanged gunfire with two officers one block from Fulton County Courthouse on Thursday.

A busy street in the heart of Atlanta was closed and a bullet-riddled squad car showed the signs of a wild and bizarre shootout. The cruiser had a gaping hole torn through its shattered rear window, a bullet through its windshield and the rear passenger side window was simply obliterated.

Police did not release the name of the woman, who cops stopped after finding her in a stolen car, WSB reported.

Cops placed her in the back of the squad car once a search of the woman reportedly turned up drugs and an outstanding warrant.

“Shortly after that, that individual opened fire with a handgun or with a weapon firing at least twice at the officers. The officers retreated and opened fire,” Atlanta Police Maj. Darin Schierbaum told reporters.


Police would not say whether the woman was searched or handcuffed before being taken into custody, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

But a law enforcement source told WSB the woman was cuffed and must have freed herself.

Gunfire erupted around 5 p.m., creating a panic near the shopping and restaurants of Atlanta’s popular Underground.

“We heard three shots,” witness Tressa Madden told the Journal-Constitution. “We heard three more shots and everybody ran back across the street.”

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