University Sets Up ‘Support Spaces’ For Students Traumatized By Debate

Summit News – by Steve Watson

Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), the site of last night’s Presidential debate has set up dedicated ‘support spaces’ for students who have been triggered by the tense exchange.

For any poor snowflake babies who couldn’t handle the nasty orange man telling Joe Biden “There’s nothing smart about you,” CWRU is providing a “confidential safe space” where they can talk and cry about it.

The University says “students can discuss the impact of recent national events, including the presidential debate and upcoming election.”

There are eight “presidential debate support spaces” available for students to attend, according to the university which asks that everybody use “respectful dialogue.”

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The spaces will remain active from Monday through to next Friday, for ‘virtual counselling sessions’.

The university announced that the “Support Space is not a substitute for psychotherapy and does not constitute mental health treatment.”

The spaces are a throwback to 2016 when education centers offered counseling after Trump won the election.

As Campus Reform notes, the University of Massachusetts-Boston, sponsored a “Coping and Balance” workshop in which students were able to interact with “Doggo, the therapy dog.”

Imagine the total meltdown that will occur if Trump wins a second term.

Summit News

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