University Prof Fired Over Mural Honoring Cop-Killing Terrorist

David Rufful,

 Marquette University has fired “gender studies” professor Susannah Bartlow after she placed a mural in the “Gender and Sexuality Resource Center” that honored cop killer and wanted domestic terrorist Assata Shakur. In 1973, Shakur was convicted of the execution-style killing of a New Jersey trooper before she escaped prison and fled to Cuba.

“Susannah Bartlow is no longer an employee with Marquette University,” university spokesman Brian Dorrington wrote to the Marquette Wire in an email.

From Washington Times:

One day after the university removed the Shakur mural, Marquette Wire reported that Susannah Bartlow, a gender studies professor and director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center where the mural was featured, was no longer employed at the university.


Shakur, a former member of the Black Panther Party, was convicted in 1977 of murdering a New Jersey state trooper and received political asylum in Cuba after escaping from a state prison. FBI placed her on its Most Wanted Terrorist List in 2013. The mural featuring Shakur was on display at the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at Marquette since March and featured her photo and two quotes from her 1987 autobiography.

The mural was initially criticized by another professor at the university from the political science department — John McAdams. McAdams wrote about it in his blog, the Marquette Warrior. It’s great to finally see a professor stand up against his fellow faculty member as well as the propaganda being feed to young people in college.

The university issued a statement which read, in part:


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