UN Vaccine Hoarding and Kerry Agrees to Cooperate With China in Destroying US

Daniel Greenfield, No matter how much they hate us, America’s enemies will always agree to help us commit suicide.

That makes John Kerry’s latest diplomatic triumph a little less impressive.

The agreement was reached by U.S. special envoy for climate John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua during two days of talks in Shanghai last week, according to a joint statement.

The two countries “are committed to cooperating with each other and with other countries to tackle the climate crisis, which must be addressed with the seriousness and urgency that it demands,” the statement said.


So we’ll go on…

1. Outsourcing all our manufacturing to China while allowing it to self-inspect to meet climate goals

2. Buying lots of Chinese solar panels to save the planet

3. Making manufacturing in the United States too expensive to be viable

and soon, no doubt,

4. Hiking energy prices until America from space looks as dark as North Korea and then every day can be Earth Day

 Noting that China is the world’s biggest coal user, Kerry said he and Chinese officials had a lot of discussions on how to accelerate a global energy transition. “I have never shied away from expressing our views shared by many, many people that it is imperative to reduce coal, everywhere,” he said.

And the Chinese have never shied away from expressing their view that anything the Vietnamese did to turn Kerry into a political anti-American mouthpiece, they can do twice as well, and more efficiently, until there’s a Made in China sticker on his forehead.

UN: US Vaccine ‘Hoarding” Endangers Africa, Africa: We Don’t Want Vaccine

The United Nations is an extremely expensive proposition. But it’s also the world’s best obscure comedy routine. If you want to know what is going on or predict what will happen, just look at a UN statement and assume the opposite

The UN, assorted non-profit activists, and the media have been accusing the United States of “vaccine hoarding”. By that they mean that the Trump administration struck a deal to reserve vaccine doses for Americans and prevent them from being redistributed around the world.

Here’s the UN’s WHO, which is a great tool for covering up Chinese Communist crimes, not so much for helping anyone’s health, claiming that Africa is being endangered by those evil rich countries “hoarding” vaccine.

“We first, not me first, is the only way to end the pandemic. Vaccine hoarding will only prolong the ordeal and delay Africa’s recovery. It is deeply unjust that the most vulnerable Africans are forced to wait for vaccines while lower-risk groups in rich countries are made safe”, said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

“Health workers and vulnerable people in Africa need urgent access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.”

An international coalition known as the COVAX Facility was established to ensure all countries will have equal access to any vaccines against the new coronavirus disease.

How did that work out? About as well as vaccine equity in America. The vaccine doses are going unused and being thrown out.

With growing community transmission and high average mortality rates from the coronavirus in Malawi, there was widespread concern among the country’s health care advocates this week when the authorities announced that they would throw away 16,000 vaccine doses that had expired.

They were part of a total of 512,000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses that the landlocked southeast African nation had received from India, the African Union and Covax, the global initiative to procure and distribute vaccines.

When the first vaccine doses arrived in Kenya in early March, there was widespread hesitancy to receive them, even among doctors, according to Dr. Chibanzi Mwachonda, the secretary-general of the Kenyan medical workers’ union. The government turned to administering the doses to nonessential workers to avoid wasting them.

Like Malawi, South Sudan saw 59,000 unused doses expire this month.

People have a right to make their own decisions about the vaccine. And this campaign to accuse countries and people of racism for not pursuing ‘equity’ when the objection is on the receiving end is the same dishonest equity garbage.

You can’t ‘equalize’ outcomes when people don’t want the same things you want.

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