Truth Versus Propaganda … – The Marshall Report

When it is all said and done, will you be able to say, “I did the right thing.”?

The secret in standing is to hold truth up above all lies and don’t give a heck about what naysayers call you or say about you! Shine the light on the lies and speak the truth. In the end… that is how we win!

Lara says to stop paying the people who are slitting your throat! Stop supporting those who are harming you and out to destroy you!

The weapons used to destroy nations and people is the weapon of lies. Lies cause wars, and all manner of evil wickedness. Lies and rumors of lies are the root of all evil. It is the easiest weapon for the enemy to use and the only weapon to wield against it is THE WEAPON OF TRUTH!

Lara Logan said that if they attack the truth…that is when you need to dig deeper and expose the rest of the truth they are afraid of others knowing! The best way to save your country and your family is to shine the light of truth on the lies!

Lara is right! When you hit on the truth – the guilty ones are going to scream the loudest – and they are going to scream you are the liar, and that generally follows with everything in the book they can possibly say bad about you. So if you are tender and sensitive to being lied about and that will crush you… let go of that mindset now. It doesn’t matter, what matters is the truth. The Lord knows your heart, and the Lord knows everything and the only one you will ever have to stand before to answer to for what you have done is God and His Son is your defender! The Lord has given you a clean slate, you are forgiven for any of your past, so stand up for His truth.

Even Saudi Arabia is having fun poking the truth in comedy. Yet, the Biden administration has no real idea they actually look like this to the rest of the world. Why is that?

This is so much truth… and the only ones who think people can’t see through the failed bot president is the fake news.

Did you know Nazism has its roots in the Nicolaitans? The doctrine of Balaam is preaching for money and gain. Add to this Balaam, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans which is adding pagan worship to the Word of God and you have the precurser to Nazism which is to conquer the people and subdue them, enslave them, do what you will with them. All of these combined is satanic to the highest degree of wickedness.

The word “Nicolaitan” comes from two words in Greek, niko and laos. The word niko means to conquer or subdue, while laos means people. Put together, these two words mean to subdue the people, or in other words, the way of the Lord God as He set it forth. Manmade laws enter in pridefully, and add one more piece to this prideful mix, and that is belief of racial superiority and a strong hatred against Christians and Jews. A hatred so bad you desire to kill them all, and you have the spirit of Nazism. It breeds hatred for humanity, even atheists. This is a very dark evil, that delves into the occult, necromancy and witchcraft. The occult worship of the Satan / Lucifer that partake in sacrificial rituals and desire to kill the Body of Christ. It is what it is. These are the secret society of ritual keepers who sacrifice children to Baal and drink blood. Now do all NAZIs partake in such dark rituals? Probably not, but they all partake in the hate. It is their secret society, and they worship their own deity of gods.


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Which lead us to the Jesuit order. And that is behind the NAZI Party and behind the Nicolaitan and teachings of Balaam….all wrapped up into one. More on this later. For now….Read: ADOLF HITLER AND THE JESUIT ORDER – The Millennium Report


That being said… now is the time to keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God and Press, Press, Press! The truth shall set you free!


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