Truth About The COVID Vaccines, A Must Read…

A must watch video of Robert kennedy Jr. and Reiner Füllmich and the committee of inquiry in Germany on the use of COVID-19 vaccines and the truth behind what they are doing to those who are getting them. In nursing homes, people are being forced to take them against their will, and whistle blowers report they are getting very ill and dying.

They show a clip from a whistle blower in a German Nursing Home and the outcome. Out of 31 elderly with dementia, all who tested negative for COVID, were forced to take the vaccine. 8 died within three weeks. One who was healthy enough to outrun a nurse in her mid 30’s to try and avoid getting the vaccine, died a couple of days later after being injected. 11 had severe adverse reactions. The committee is of the belief they are looking at homicide, perhaps even murder via these vaccines.

Anyone who speaks out to expose the truth is fact checked and censored. Yet, people keep speaking out to expose the liars and bring the truth into the light! Robert F Kennedy Jr has become one of the targets to shut up whenever possible. We need to stand up and shout with these brave patriots because if we don’t … we are all going to be rounded up and sent far, far away from the light of day. Take a stand to expose the truth of all the evil! The real Covid-19 misinformation is coming from those who make the vaccines, mandate them, and censor those who talk against them.

We are in the middle of a world war and COVID vaccine is one of their greatest weapons. It’s like lining up for your turn in a game of Russian Roulette and can’t wait to put the gun to your head to see what happens…. or so it appears that is what it is like.