TRUMP WILL RETURN, Military Only Way Forward! Economic Transition?

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Do You See The Economic Transition, It’s Happening. The states and business are opening up, people are feeling good, consumer confidence is way up, the real estate home prices are way up, this is Trump recovery from the pandemic. Optics are very important, with Trump out the pic the [DS]/[CB] believed they won and they can now open the economy. Meanwhile, the economy is being transitioned into a new system.


Trump: “A lot Of Things Happening Right Now”, Military Only Way Forward

Trump messaged everyone when he crashed the wedding, he let everyone know that people are reaching the precipice and that there are a lot things happening right now, then Trump announced his website, which had a pic of him in military attire. Scavino tweeted another pic of jet coming back around. Phase 1, Make America Great, Phase 2, change the election laws, show the people the [DS] system, bring them to the precipice, Phase 3, Save America with the help of the people and military.

New Dark Outpost: Trump Will Return To Power! Amy Coney Barrett Indicted

President Donald Trump Indicted Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on his last day in office. She will face a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay later this year when Trump returns to power. And…Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues our exploration of the lost books of the Bible with a discussion on The Gospel of Judas.

Plus…Peter Kirby talks about his new book From Little Acorns, Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, the Bohemian Club, and the 1960s hippie movement. His website is Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Watch the full show at!

READ THIS NOW!!! [P] – The Unseen Masters of All #QAnon #GreatAwakening #WhoIsP #Illuminati #13Bloodlines #Payseur #Springmeier

If I recall correctly, the link to this report was posted on RMN back in 2018. Skip past the red security warning when accessing the link below in order to read the blockbuster report about the Payseurs.


…the Payseurs? They come from this Merovingian line.

See, the Payseurs were French royalty – descendants of Marie Antoinette, specifically – who had fled France in the face of violent revolution. In other words, the Payseur bloodline stems from the Merovingian Dynasty.

Alex Christopher gives us a history in his book The Ultimate Unseen Hand Behind the New World Order:

The Rothschilds and the other Illumined families?

They ALL serve the Payseurs, according to Springmeier:

David Icke, in his book The Biggest Secret provides some intel on how various Payseur holdings have shifted shape over the years:

In 1872, a Payseur company, the Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad, established a telegraph company called Western Union. It formed a subsidiary called AT and T in 1875 and today it is one of America’s biggest telephone and communication companies.

The Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad company is the parent company for the Federal Reserve, the privately owned ‘central bank’ of the United States. The Payseur empire became heavily involved in banking. Their Bank of Lancaster became the North Carolina Bank and then Nationsbank. The biggest bank in Texas, Interfirst, of which George Bush is a director, merged in 1987 with Republic Bank to form First Republic. This was later absorbed by Nationsbank which then merged with the Bank of America.

These two launder CIA drug money and that’s appropriate because the forerunner to the CIA, the OSS or Office of Strategic Services, was created from the Payseurs’ own security network which was formed by the Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad to protect the Military Railroad System. It’s all wheels within wheels, family within family, and Americans have not a clue who really runs their lives and their country…The Payseur family have now lost control of their empire, but the same reptilian tribe are still at the helm.

Furthermore, the Payseur family ties back to the creation of the Federal Reserve. You’ll recall from my article that all the bankers met in secret on Jekyll Island, in North Carolina:

North Carolina… remind me… Which Illuminati family landed in North Carolina and set up shop there?

on paper, it was “owned” by J.P. Morgan… But in reality, it was actually L.C. Payseur who owned the place.

Again, the “Illumined” families served the Payseurs.