Trump Touts Election Fraud Podcast

Podcast–“Exposes Our Corrupt And Rigged Voting Systems”

The unraveling of the 2020 election steal continues.

Trump just released a statement touting a new podcast from election lawyer Cleta Mitchell.

Trump says the podcast “exposes our corrupt and rigged voting systems.”

“Tough and smart election lawyer Cleta Mitchell has a new podcast, called “Who’s Counting?”, which exposes our Corrupt and Rigged voting systems. In 2020 we saw that the ballot counters were far more important than the candidate. Cleta explains the terrible election crimes that happened in 2020 and how to fix it. Must listen!”

Here is the description from the website:

Kim Strassel, prize-winning Wall Street Journal columnist and editorial board member, discusses the runup to the 2020 election and how the left manipulated election laws and offices to impact the outcome. She urges citizens to “get engaged in their electoral systems” in order to fight the left’s infiltration of election offices nationwide. Kim is the author of Potomac Watch, a WSJ weekly column that appears on Fridays.

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