President Trump rallied the critical swing state of North Carolina and made the pitch that he’s the person who will lead the comeback of the economy and stand with American workers, whereas Joe Biden would hold back progress.

“This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression,” Trump charged at the Robeson County Fairgrounds in Lumberton, N.C.

During an hour-long rally, Trump painted a rosy picture of the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken the lives of more than 220,000 Americans, and said the country is “tired” of hearing about it. He pointed to his own recovery as an example of how Americans can move on.

“I had it. Here I am!” Trump said to the crowd.

Trump also accused the Biden family of enriching themselves off his public office, citing emails reported on in the New York Post on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. He talked up the final debate performance between himself and Biden on Thursday as a stark contrast of candidates’ priorities.

“The American people saw a contrast between a 47-year career politician who’s seen better days [and] who has used public office to enrich himself … and a businessman who entered public service,” Trump said of himself. “Believe me with me — it’s only a loss of money.”

Trump accused Biden of trying to cut Social Security and to prove his point he paused his rally speech to roll a video of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., accusing Biden of also trying cut the programs for senior citizens during a debate during the Democratic primary.

“Watch this. The video please,” Trump said directing the crowd to a campaign-like commercial. The Trump campaign used this Sanders video at a rally Friday, too, in Florida.

The North Carolina stop is the second of a total of five stops the commander-in-chief will make on Saturday in the final sprint to the Nov. 3 election.

Trump praised his supporters for working hard, following the laws and supporting their community.

“You give your love and your loyalty to your country,” Trump said. “But now you finally have a government and a president that is loyal to you.”

He gave a special shout to Native American supporters in the crowd and talked of his federal policies for them. “I love the sound of that drum,” Trump said to the enthusiastic drummers in the audience.

Trump tweeted support before his arrival to Native Americans too.

“Quick stop in North Carolina with a wonderful Indian Tribe, and guests. Then off to two BIG Rallies in Ohio and Wisconsin. See you later!!!,” Trump tweeted before taking the stage.

It was a sunny and warm day outside in Lumberton and the suit-and-tie wearing Trump told the crowd he was “baking in the sun” and quipped his hair gets “even more blonde” in the sunlight.

“Does anybody have some sun protection for your president?” Trump quipped.

Trump started his day in Florida where he cast a vote for himself at an early polling place. Later Saturday, he’ll rally supporters in Ohio and Wisconsin before heading to the White House for the night.