Charles Miller, Events have conspired to provide opportunities to Stand Up Americans who choose to exercise their God given rights while supervising the People’s public servants, particularly the Congress critters.

Please find below a series of fax’s and emails sent June 5, 2021, 88 years after the DAY OF INFAMY.

We will provide the list of recipients, fax numbers and emails as sent when finished with this project serving the Members of Congress Assembled. Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Mc Connell, Cruz, ect, ect. Over 35 sent along with more than 6 major committees.

I will send list of recipients, and fax numbers, emails when done sending Sunday.

These documents have been faxed and emailed to many, many Senators and Congress Members. 15 % of the faxes were not received. We believe the fax machines were turned off. We were not aware that our public servants were authorized to simply turn off the People and close up government.

We invite every American to use the tools provided below personally. Simply remove our personal information and insert your own. Fax and email addresses, some provided, are available on line for every Member of Congress.

On line fax services are easy to use, quick set up, inexpensive and qualify under law as good service of documents.

Please Publish both the pdf file and 13 Pages of documents.

Once published I will forward both documents and publish link to President Trump.

Thank you.

As Remo Williams says, Let the Adventure Begin!


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