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Was Republican Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri arrested? On January 20, 2021, we clearly see Blunts’ hands are both behind him and he is being led by the arm.
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 What we don’t see is a shot of the handcuffs…but this should tell the story.  Right behind Roy Blunt, we see resigned Dept. of Transportation head, Chou, who is also wife of Senator McConnell. Now this is quite a parade of people following Blunt. No one looks happy and Chou’s head is definitely down in this  pic.

Roy Blunt was outspoken about Trump inciting a riot on the Capitol lawn, but seemed to have an about face today. Now he says that an impeachment trial would be unconstitutional.  He boldly stripped the constitutional rights from the supporters of the President when they gathered to show their constitutional support for the President by coming to hear his speech.

Now, almost a week after, Blunt is seen walking with his hands behind his back. On January 26, 2021 he VOTES TO DECLARE SENATE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL .  “I believe the constitutional purpose for presidential impeachment is to remove a president from office, not to punish a person after they have left office. No consideration was given to impeaching President Nixon when he resigned in 1974. The Constitution hasn’t changed and the Congress should not set a new, destructive precedent.”

But this could all be nothing. Right?

Mr. Blunt made some premature and bold statements against patriots and failed to make any distinction between ANTIFA’s organized breech of the capitol and innocent patriotic supporters exercising their constitutional rights. He stated the assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6 did more damage to America’s reputation than to the historic building itself. “What happened here two weeks ago was one of the great stains on the history of the country, in my view. It was outrageous. It was totally unforgivable.”

Senator Blunt now chairs the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. He told CBS news reporters that moving the inauguration inside because of security concerns was never seriously considered.

“This is not only a moment of importance, but the fact that we do it and where we do it, matters,” said Mr. Blunt. “And it’s really important to maintain that sense of continuity of both our Constitution and our democracy.” He added that he was disappointed that Mr. Trump would not attend the swearing in of the new CEO. (CEO are my choice of words).  I’m sure Blunt (who taught history) has figured out the corporation is now an empty shell.


This reminds me of when Hillary had to leave the 911 event and wait for her ride with her hands behind her back with someone holding her arm the exact same way? I do. I remember at the time questioning who in their right mind would help a sick person, let alone Hillary into a vehicle with their hands pulled behind their back complete with hands together? I sure thought it looked a bit “Perp Walking”.

This just goes to show that you can see something and have someone else tell you that you didn’t see it and you will believe them instead of what you saw, over and over and over again.

They will tell you the picture is blurry, she was having a seisure, they were helping her, etc., etc. Then they will go as far as to bring out a double an hour later and have them walk up and down the streets waving like an idiot just to let you know…the double is here and feels fine now.

Speaking About News

JFK ASSASSINATION:  Mr. Clinton J. Hill, a former United States Secret Service agent who was in the presidential motorcade during the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Hill, known as “Clint”, now answers questions, after all these years on the assassination and other presidents he worked for. Many things he still cannot say, and will take much to the grave with him. This is why we know little of the truth of things that took place. We only know in part.

Perhaps the oath of secrecy and sworn silence is why people are hoping that JFK Jr. is still alive. He can tell a great truth to the world. That may be why his plane went down, his body was buried at sea, and everything was written up and pushed out  quickly and back to business as usual. However, one problem still exists, the people have never forgotten and many did not buy the story. Especially when he was planning to run for the senate in New York. For in his death, the path was cleared for Hillary to run for the Senate seat in the state of New York.  A seat she would have never won had JFK Jr.’s plane had not gone down in the bay.

Then they always give you a documentary before the event plays out. This is to present their mind control one sided view so you will think this is the truth and now you will have a basis from which to draw all future conclusions.  So throw away all you saw in real life, everything you actually lived through and believe the documentary as 100% historic facts, accurate, and true.

So watch it and see what is true and what is false. If you are not yet awake…I suggest don’t watch it until you are. Otherwise it will be even harder to ever awake.

What they do is weave in and out of part true, part false, all commentary, and programming directed at the viewer that presents what they want you to believe. This method is a classic example of PROPAGANDA.

Pray for the people to awaken and then, don’t yell at them for not believing, for the spell of wickedness cast on the sea of humanity has been by design, secretive, and made to be intoxicating and believable.

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