Trump Launched Subscription Box back in 2017 to Raise Money For His Re-Election Campaign


Subscription boxes are getting more and more popular in recent times. The idea behind a subscription box is not only about receiving products on a monthly basis. It is more for the overall experience. 

That’s why many companies started to get more creative with their subscription boxes. They must offer unique items in a specially themed box designed to suit your preferences. 

Even President Trump started his subscription box back in 2017. Trump’s online shop surprised us many times in the past, offering unique merchandise, and with this subscription box went to the next level. 

The Trump-Pence monthly subscription box was advertised for $69 a month, and you could get interesting staff from Trump t-shirts, stickers, mugs, buttons, and other things. 

This subscription box was advertised to supporters through email marketing. It was described as the “Big League Box” that includes handpicked bundle of exclusive and vintage official Trump merchandise. 


To add a bit of urgency, Trump’s marketing team decided to limit the number of boxes, urging people to sign up immediately. 

The money from the subscription boxes was allocated as follows: 

  • 75% to Donald J. Trump for President toward the 2020 general election account 
  • 25% to RNC’s opening account, up to maximum of $33.900 

Funding campaigns using clever marketing and subscription boxes is not something new. Birchbox CEO and co-founder Katia Beauchamp say that Trump is not the first one to launch a subscription box of this kind. 

Actually, Hillary Clinton’s campaign also launched a subscription box early in her election, which is a great way to fund their campaigns. 

Politics aside, this is a very interesting and innovative marketing move by the president. Everything evolves over time, even elections. So, applying this strategy to his 2020 re-election campaign is a great move. 

Another interesting thing about Trump’s subscription box was that the products were not described completely. In other words, there wasn’t a list of products you should expect to receive with the box.  

Also, there wasn’t any additional information such as if shipping and handling are included, how to cancel or pause their subscription, or the value of the monthly box. 

This is a bit strange, especially since we are talking about a premium subscription box of $69. 

 Just because subscription boxes are getting more and more popular, they are a very effective way of raising money for anything, especially for presidential elections. With a subscription box, you can gather support from people and, at the same time, raise money for your campaign. 

Subscription boxes are a profitable business plan that you should definitely consider. Coming up with a niche and growing your idea from there will turn out to be a successful business model.  

Launching a subscription box was another head-scratching marketing move by Trump. However, it turned out to draw quite a bit of interest from Trump supporters. 

Experts say that Trump’s subscription box campaign could have been better. First of all, the subscription box is relatively expensive, especially when you consider what you’ll get inside.  

Secondly, as we mentioned before, the subscription box is more than what is inside. It is more for the overall experience, the box material, the day it comes, the uncertainty it holds, and so on. Trump’s subscription box failed to meet all of these things in order to become even more successful as a fundraising campaign.  

 So, if you still wonder whether or not to start a subscription box business, now it is the time. The competition is getting tougher every day, so the sooner you start, the more chances you’ll have to succeed.  

All you need is to pick the right niche (you can research ideas if you click here) and figure out a way to make it possible.  

If president Trump succeeded with its subscription box without offering a good value for money with the included products and not personalizing the overall experience, you can too. 

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