TRUMP IS IN THE BATTLE TO WIN! This is a 5D Chess game

We are in the middle of a great battle and so many are still shouting, “I am tired of waiting. How long is this going to take?” Many are choosing to withdrawal from everything and everyone who needs anything that may require that they get out of their balanced comfortable place. Well, war is war and never is it easy, pleasant, nor balanced. Spiritual Warfare is real, and so is physical warfare.

Imagine what President Trump dealt with being attacked daily and continuing forward in the battle. So many cannot understand what he is doing based on how things appear. Well, what Trump is doing is fighting the cabal the way the cabal fights. He is planning from the shadows and pulling strings in secret. The same way the Cabal stand in shadows to plot and have others attack. The cabal has never had so many people know how they battle and never have they had a man battle them in the same manner. This makes for much theater where nothing is as it appears.

Both sides know full well where all the bodies are buried and where all the minions are stationed. They are both saying things that are designed to keep people guessing what is true and what is a lie. When you understand this is a 5D Chess game and the winner is the one who check mates the other side where they have no where to move…that is when you will begin to see what is taking place. Until then, you will only see the illussion and never see what is taking place behind the veil that they have placed over the entire reality.

The cabal has always devised their evil in secret, hired their deep state thugs to carry out their evil and it has always been devised to accomplish their end goal to have a one world domination.

We are at the point in the Cabal’s game where they are laying the ground work to have world war III. We have already been in it for COVID-19 was their bio weapon and RESET is the new name for One World Order. Trump knows this and so do those whose eyes are opened wide.

So, let’s take a look at the Illuminati Cabal’s plans and where we are at, so we can see what they are trying to achieve. There are many who don’t want to look at any of this, well, for those people…do what you need to do, but for God’s sake then, get out of the way.

Hiding is not what God means by have faith. Hiding is a response to fear, not faith.

Albert Pike wrote the vision he received from Lucifer that would bring about a new world order. So far the Illuminati have carried out the first two wars to a “T”, so now they are trodding the way into their coveted third world war.


Speaking About News

Anyone who still does not see how the Illuminati and its’ Jesuits have not entered into the church, roll over and just go back to sleep. For if by now you still cannot see it… you may never see it until after it all plays out and you wake up and wonder what the heck just took place. Or, you will, as the Illuminated Ones planned, be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render your adoration and receive the light of the pure doctrine of LUCIFER, brought finally out in the public view.

We are seeing that now in bits and pieces, and some have been staring at it for a long while now trying to help others see how the demons have entered into the church with false doctrine and deceits that sound so true that they have deceived even the very elect.

They have been blind to see that this indoctrination into the word of “God” is designed to destroy CHRISTIANITY and even antheism.

Speaking About News

So wake up and see and hear and join in the battle of exposing the lies. Read the word of God for yourselves and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and open your eyes and hearts to see the deception of the wolves wearing their sheeps clothing to deceive you and pile on you the lies and rules, upon rules, upon rules, that are not even in the Word of God!

Trump is working from the shadows and this is driving the cabal crazy for not even they know what his plans are and they no longer have congress and senate minions to blast at him to keep him distracted. He is now in the shadows fighting with wit, and cunning that far exceeds the feeble old minds of the cabal and is no match for the brood of memorizers in their little think tanks.

The Jesuits have no power over the Christian Patriot Warrior and the Arch Angel Michael is fighting in the realm we cannot see. The Lord is within Trump and the Lord has set the stage for the most tremendous display of turning the Cabal’s plans back on them as a tidal wave of destruction in the same manner he did the army of Pharaoh in the Red Sea.

So watch as Isaiah prophecies play out and read it to see what shall befall those who seek to do this great evil. Those evil worshipers of Baal who plot from the shadows are about to weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise any more. Get out your Bibles and read Isaiah. Read Ezekiel and read the Revelation of Jesus. Pray for discernment and pray that all the wolves be revealed.

So as the Cabal has unleashed the Islamic world to reign haavoc on the Christians and innocents in hummanity, and have determined to finance all the mulitple sides and facets of it, watch and see how The Lord turns their wrath making back on their own selves.