Trump: Don’t Talk to Me That Way – DON’T EVER Talk to the President That Way!

President Trump met with establishment media hacks for the first time since the sham election was called by the liberal media earlier this month.

The media hacks were as rude, nasty and disrespectful as ever.

One Reuters “reporter” asked if he will leave the building if he loses the election!
These people are not reporters. They are abusive political activists.

President Trump was forced to tell off one of the demons.

President Trump:  “The whole election was a fraud.  They have Biden beating Obama in areas that matter in terms of the election in swing states.  And yet he’s losing to Obama all over the place.  And yet he’s beating Obama inplaces that mattered in terms of the election.  Look, between you people… Look, don’t talk to me that way…  You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the President that way. OK I’m going to go with another question… Massive fraud has been found. We’re like a third world country. We’re using computers that can be hacked. How many glitches did they find. Oh, a glitch. Oh, gee we had a glitch. 5,000 votes. In all cases the votes switched to Joe Biden.”

These hacks are something else.
What horrible people.

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